"Harmonizing with the Universal Biorhythm ~ Living into the Mayan Calendar" Ceremonial Retreat at Patziapa
Oct 19

"Harmonizing with the Universal Biorhythm ~ Living into the Mayan Calendar" Ceremonial Retreat at Patziapa

October 9 - 19, 2014 (all-inclusive)
October 11 - 17 (retreat time at Patziapa only) 

This retreat will focus on the Earth Wisdom teachings of Mayan cosmology and the ceremonial principles of the Mayan Calendar. Contrary to the hype of 2012 the Mayan Calendar did not end, but is a living time-keeping wisdom that guides and influences the destiny of all life in our physical and spiritual dimensions. It is used as a guide for ceremonies, healing, divination and for harmonizing ourselves with the universe and our own natural biorhythm.  

As we continue to evolve inside of this New Era and shed our old ways and beliefs, these teachings can help guide us to understand the various pulsations of divinity within which all life forms are evolving. They can also support us to attune ourselves to our unique pattern and connect with the Nahuales (spiritual forces) that guide, protect and influence us and we can begin to understand the greater cosmic energies that we are in relationship with.
This retreat will take us into the 13 day week of 1 Ajpu- the creation story of the Maya and the journey of the hero twins as they set the destiny for humankind...   In addition to many teaching sessions on the Mayan Calendar and cosmology, we will connect to this special time through temescal ceremonies (Mayan sweatlodge), Mayan Fire Ceremonies, a pilrimage to a sacred site around Lake Atitlan and time in the gardens at the living sanctuary of Patziapa. 

Patziapa is a private sanctuary offering soul rejuvenation and connection to the ancestors on sacred land in the heart of the Mayan world. Surrounded by three volcanoes and situated on the shores of Lake Atitlan, the fertile land delights the senses and awakens a deep sense of spiritual and elemental connection.  

Information about your Guatemalan Retreat:
We are offering two options for this trip. Both options include meals and lodging at Patziapa, teachings, ceremonial materials, boat transportation, pilgrimage to a sacred site around the lake, and support for the staff and ongoing maintenance of the Patziapa Sanctuary.
Option #1: Make your own arrangements to be at the Tiosh Abaj Hotel in Santiago at Lake Atitlan on Sat Oct 11th at 9 am, and your own departure from the Tiosh Abaj Hotel on Fri Oct 17th between 2-4 pm in Santiago Atitlan. 
Cost:  $1750 
Option #2:  All-inclusive arrangements from the time you arrive in Guatemala City to the time you leave (flying into Guatemala City on Thurs Oct 9th and depart on Sun Oct 19th): shuttle to hotel in Guatemala City, hotel in Guatemala City the night of arrival, private collective shuttle to Santiago Atitlan from Guatemala City on Fri Oct 10th, private collective shuttle from Santiago to Antigua on Sat Oct 18th, hotel room in Antigua, shuttle to Guatemala City, major meals while traveling.  
Cost:  $2250
We encourage donations to the Medicine People who will be sharing with us. 
NOT Included in your experience: airfare, shopping expenses, gifts for the elders, tips you may want to offer staff, excursions you choose to take outside the planned group activities.
For more information, contact Erick at 530.459.3471 or HeddiL@gmail.com. 
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Crystallize Your Vision Retreat with Tat Erick Gonzalez ~ Ceremonial Intensive at Patziapa, Guatemala ~
Jul 27

Crystallize Your Vision Retreat with Tat Erick Gonzalez ~ Ceremonial Intensive at Patziapa, Guatemala ~

Learn to ceremonially Crystallize Your Visions at the sacred site of Patziapa with Tat Erick Gonzalez...
In this intensive retreat we will be focusing on what do you want to crystallize for your life? Do you have a vision you are called to crystallize? Learn how to ceremonially and elementally holograph your spiritual vision into a physical form and create a strategic plan to manifest this into our world.
This is a special time for personal focus with each participant to create a ceremonial visioning plan. Each day there will be a ceremony to clarify and anchor the energies, with the culmination on the Mayan day of 13 Imux (the full empowerment of our creativity and thought forms) when we will offer a Mayan Fire Ceremony to help ground and ceremonially activate our visions. 

Patziapa is a place of Soul rejuvenation and emergence, where you can renew your Spirit and Walk in the Beauty Way.

Elementally, spiritually, and ceremonially, Patziapa is a place to plant the seeds that we can carry anywhere in the world for the rest of our lives. It is a sanctuary along the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, a sacred site that aids, supports and guides us through spiritual relationship, and how to crystallize our visions.
Click here to learn more about Patziapa...  

Total price: $1350       Register HERE

Payment includes 6 nights accommodation, shuttle transportation within group travel plans, meals, materials, teachings, ceremonies and support to the Medicine Person and his family. It does not include airfare, gratuities to staff, shopping or extra activities, transport or lodging outside the retreat schedule. We encourage your loving donations to visiting Medicine People and their families.

"As we learn to stand in the Rukux - our Essence, which is also in everything, we are able to crystallize the Light so that we can emanate sacred space. From here we will discover that the Rukux is not just our personal essence, but the essence of the Collective Circle of Life"  ~Tat Erick Gonzalez

Fly into Guatemala City on Sunday July 20th (you will need to book your own hotel) or arrive Monday July 21st before 11 am. We can suggest safe, quality hotels that can accommodate your budget needs and have airport shuttles.

  • Mon July 21st (9 Noj) - Shuttle to Santiago will leave Guatemala City at noon. Arrive at Tiosh Abaj Hotel, dinner & orientation
  • Tues July 22nd (10 Tijax)- Breakfast & cross the lake to Patziapa, welcome and orientation, tour of the land, circle time
  • Wed July 23rd (11 Kawok) - Sunrise ceremony, circle time to share visions, Temescal (sweatlodge) 
  • Thurs July 24th (12 Ajpu) - Sunrise pipe ceremony, vision circle teachings 
  • Fri July 25th (13 Imux) - Mayan Fire Ceremony to help ground and ceremonially activate our visions 
  • Sat July 26th (1 I'q)- Sunrise ceremony to breathe life into our new form. Closing circle, leave Patziapa, travel to Guatemala City in afternoon
  • Sun July 27th (2 Akabal)- Fly out 

For questions or more info, contact Sally at salannhunt@hotmail.com or Heddi at 530 459 3471

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Would you like to stay longer?
Take time to deepen your journey, rejuvenate and integrate with personal sessions, more time in the medicine gardens in loving service to Patziapa and explore the Lake and its traditional Mayan villages.  

Options to stay longer at Patziapa and the beautiful Tiosh Abaj Hotel are available.  
Contact Sally for more details.

Waqxaqui (8) B'atz Ceremonial Retreat  at Deer Mountain
May 18

Waqxaqui (8) B'atz Ceremonial Retreat at Deer Mountain

Renew your spirit and walk the beauty way. 

Tues May 13th - Sun May 18th, 2014
(5 Q'anil - 10 Aj)

Join Tat Erick Gonzalez and Nan Heddi Neale as we work with the important energies of the Mayan Calendar that take us through the "Mayan New Year" of 8 B'atz. We will be giving to ourselves, each other, and all of life through teachings, sacred gifting ceremonies, sweatlodges, a community Mayan Fire Ceremony, and personal Mayan Fire Ceremonies focusing on what we want to crystallize in our lives as we begin this new cycle of life!

The day of Waqxaqui (8) B'atz in the Mayan Calendar is celebrated by millions of the Maya throughout Guatemala and Central America as the day of Spiritual Renewal for all life that has come through the matrix, when another 260-day (9 month) cycle of Life is completed (this day is often referred to as the "Mayan New Year"). The energy of B'atz is that of the threads of life, the cords of energy that flow from our umbilical cords and connect us to all of our past and future generations, with 8 being the number of completion. It is a powerful opportunity to join together around the Grandfather Fire to weave our thoughts, prayers, intentions, and actions together for a better future on our Mother Earth. We offer generous amounts of ceremonial gifts to the fire in gratitude and payment for our lives and the spiritual and elemental forces that guide and protect us. We invite you to join us and weave your unique thread for peace and healing of our Mother Earth and each other!    
This ceremony is being opened up for the local communities to join us for the day... (see details below)
Loving contribution for full retreat:  $750  
Weekend only (Fri evening - Sunday): $400
Your generosity helps cover costs for Guatemalan ceremonial materials for personal fires, food, land contribution, & support of medicine people. 
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(Registration will close on May 7th)
For more information, contact Kirana at 602.758.1213 or email HeddiL@gmail.com  


Tues May 13th - 5 Q'anil 
Arrive between 1-4 pm
Head up hill for welcome, orientation, set up camps. Dinner and evening blessing around the campfire. 

Wed May 14th - 6 Toj
Sunrise ceremony to create and strengthen our relationships through generous loving gift exchange. Each person will bring something beautiful and special to be gifted to someone else, for the purpose of connecting to the Toj- the payment and the receiving. In this gifting ceremony we collectively and individually make a ceremonial action for each other, ourselves, and our spiritual connection to Life. 
Pilgrimage to the springs to give gifts to the source of life. Bring small, natural gifts for the springs, things like: flower petals, cornmeal, cacao, cedar, sage.
Dinner & rest

Thurs May 15th - 7 T'zi
Sunrise wood fire ceremony with offerings for Wuku (7) T'zi. Traditionally the women lead the ceremonies on this day as the carriers of the genetic code, and the children are brought closest to the fire. Special offerings are given to the fire on this day to bring nourishment and strength to the Mother Earth and the elemental and spiritual energies. 
Start fire for lodge after lunch, women's sweatlodge (and men's if there are enough men!) in afternoon. On Wuku T'zi we want to complete and let go of anything from the past cycle that we don't want to bring into the new cycle starting the next day on 8 B'atz. 
Dinner & rest 

Fri 5/16 - 8 B'atz
Sunrise ceremony
Breakfast & lunch prep
Prepare for ceremony
10 am - sharing and set fire
Noon - light fire 
Weekend-only people arrive at bottom of hill by 5 pm, head up hill, welcome and orientation, set up camps
Dinner at 7 pm
Sharing circle around campfire, get ceremonial materials ready for next day's fires 

Sat 5/17 - 9 E
Sunrise ceremony
Pilgrimage to Pop Jay with ceremonial materials 
Personal fires to birth our new destinies, focusing on "what do you want to crystallize for your life?" Teachings and instructions how to ceremonially holograph your vision through the ceremonial fire- creating a vortex of energy (elemental stargate) to shift the frequency of our experience in this world. And though that, the fire also creates a shifting in the collective consciousness of humanity. 
Integration circle in tipi
Dinner & rest

Sun 5/18 - 10 Aj 
Sunrise ceremony focusing on the staffs of our beings, anchoring ourselves between heaven and earth. 
7:30 am: Breakfast
9-11 am: Sharing circle & closing 
11 am: Pack up camps to be ready to go before lunch
12:30 pm: Lunch
2 pm: Depart to head down the hill
For more information, contact Heddi at  HeddiL@gmail.com or call 530.459.3471.   
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Crystallizing Your Visions  Spring Tele-Teaching Series
Jun 12

Crystallizing Your Visions Spring Tele-Teaching Series

5 Class Series with Tat Erick Gonzalez 

Thursdays 5:30 - 7 pm PT
May 8th - June 12th    

Free Intro Class May 1st - Register Here!  

Do you have a vision you want to crystallize? Learn how to bring a spiritual vision into the physical through the journey through the elementals- the building blocks that make up our physical world, the bridge between Spirit and Matter. As we continue walking into the New Era, the spiritual awakenings are happening more often and messages from Spirit are coming through more and more quickly and clearly. Learn how to take these and bring them into the physical world, so that we can bring the sacred balance back in to the physical as well as the collective consciousness.

"As we learn to stand in the Rukux - our essence, which is also in everything, we are able to crystallize the Light so that we can emanate sacred space. From here we will discover that  
the Rukux is not just our personal essence, but the essence of the Collective Circle of Life" 

~Tat Erick Gonzalez 
Class Schedule:

  • The House of Enlightenment: May 8th -13 Akabal  
    The Search for Clarity - Desire and yearning.     
  • As I Stand in the Circle of Life: May 22nd - 1 Noj.  
    Placement: Where am I? What do I have to work with? What is my relationship with the world? 
  • As I Walk in the Shining Path: May 29th - 8 Kat  
    Discovery: The Commitment begins
  • All Must be in Place for the Movement of Creation: June 5th -  2 Batz 
    Aim: Navigating + staying in the view of Spirit 
  • Living in Oneness: June 12th - 9 Tijax 
    Become your prayer  

***Note: There will be no class on Thurs May 15th as we will be in a ceremonial retreat at Deer Mountain. Click HERE for more info on the retreat!
Price: $95
*Discount for all  Earth Peoples United Full Members
Contact us for more details. 
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For questions, please contact Sal @ salannhunt@hotmail.com