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Spiritual Agriculture & Spanish Immersion Retreat at Patziapa, Guatemala

November 3 - 18 : Spiritual Agriculture & Spanish Immersion Retreat at Patziapa, Guatemala

2-week intensive Spanish immersion program while working with the gardens, ceremonies, & culture of the Maya at the Patziapa Sanctuary on the shores of Lake Atitlan. This is a continuation of developing the ways of "spiritship" (spiritual stewardship): defining and supporting a reverent spiritual relationship to our world.

We will be offering the following: 

  • Daily Spanish lessons with a Spanish Language Teacher to learn phrases and vocabulary that are used with the Mayan Cosmovision, medicine plants, in the garden projects, and ceremonies
  • Teachings from Mayan Organic Solutions developers in the bioregion of Atitlan (working with the department of agriculture of Guatemala) helping to establish a laboratory and medicine garden at Patziapa 
  • Teachings from a local organic beekeeper 
  • 2 Temescal (Mayan sweatlodge) ceremonies using the medicine plant waters
  • Mayan Fire Ceremony
  • Sunrise Pipe Ceremonies 
  • Full moon ceremony at the edge of Lake Atitlan
  • Planting, harvesting, and making medicines from the plants

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