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Sacred Fire Keeping Weekend Retreat at the Deer Mountain Sanctuary

This weekend camp-style retreat at the Deer Mountain Sanctuary north of Mt Shasta will focus on teachings about tending the sacred ceremonial fires (esoteric teachings about fire keeping including the bundles & tools used for fire keeping, making nests, and striking fires).

We will be working within the Mayan week that asks “what is sacred?” In this week we go through the process of finding what that is and then finishing with the transformation, the death process of everything that exists. However, in the middle of this week sits the day of 7 Ajpu, the Lords of the Light and the hero twins. They are tested to see what is sacred- “are you sure you consider that sacred?” In this story, before it gets to the 7 Ajpu it must go through its purification, its cleansing, what we call the 6 Kawok- the sweatlodge, the preparations that the Ajpus (the Lords of the Light) must go through, after cutting away what is no longer needed (Tijax) and receiving the wisdom (Noj).

Friday Sept 13th (4 Noj)

  • Arrive by 10 am

  • Set up camp, lunch

  • Afternoon opening circle

  • Teachings

Saturday Sept 14th (5 Tijax)

  • Sunrise pipe ceremony

  • Fire teachings

  • Preparations for the lodge

Sunday Sept 15th (6 Kawok)

  • Sunrise ceremony at sweatlodge site

  • Prepare lodge

  • Sweatlodge ceremony

  • Late afternoon sharing circle

Monday Sept 16th (7 Ajpu)

  • Sunrise pipe ceremony honoring the Lords of the Light

  • Breakfast

  • Closing circle

  • Pack, clean up, depart

Register HERE

$425, food included, camping required. (Youth price: $275)

Some logistics:

Everyone is asked to come prepared with all you need to camp safely and be comfortable in the terrain, keeping in mind that the sun or rain may be with us. Sunglasses, hats, protective shoes, and work gloves are all helpful on Deer Mountain. More info to come for those who RSVP. We have bathrooms and kitchen.

We will be cooking as a community, with basic meal ingredients provided by us. You are welcome to bring what you are inspired to share to our hearty breakfasts, sandwich lunches, stew dinners, and snacks along the way.

For questions or to RSVP, please contact us at or call 530.459.3471