The Nine Personal Fires Training 

The nine ceremonial fires are designed to introduce the individual into sacred rites and to learn about the sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony. This is an experiential teaching. Specifically, it is designed to create conditions to facilitate incredible healing and to reach greater depths of the Spirit and psyche, by bringing great spiritual moments of connectedness with the Spirit and deep truth. The Nine Fires are designed to heal, purify, empower, and teach. The fires can give an overview of different experiences that can be supernatural or allow in incredible powers that will help us through our lives. These fires are transformative by nature, and often challenges come in to test the endurance, commitment, and beliefs of the individual in relationship to Creator, the elements, and all life. Like life itself, this process takes us through all emotions and experiences, and the commitment is to be flexible: stay present with what comes up, observe it, and let it go, so that by the time we complete the ninth fire, we are ready to birth into a new way of being. 

This process is part of the Medicine Wheel of the Sacred Teachings. It is advised to also go through private sessions (healings/divinations) and sweatlodges, for it will complete a great cycle for the process. These are the sacred Mystery Schools of the Maya that create spiritual and community leaders, spiritual guides, and ceremonial leaders. The training at this time for us is to focus on personal healing, self-empowerment and to open spiritual doors that can guide us for the rest of our lives. 

This initiation is dedicated to the preservation of our ceremonial life, to be shared with initiates from All of our Peoples. We have been asked to share the fire in this way so that we can create powerful, lasting spiritual alliances and work toward the preservation of our Mother Earth and all our Relations by sharing sacred ways that individuals can use for their own healing and empowerment. This process does not make anyone an Aj Q'ij (ceremonial leader), and is to only be used personally. This does not give anyone permission to lead these ceremonies for others!

This training requires a minimum of ten people to come together and make a request for this 13-day min process.  For more information, contact Heddi at or call 530.459.3471.