"Spirit Life is forever. The Spirit Way will take us beyond this confusion, this madness that is happening in our human world. It will prevail. And it has, many, many times over. And that is what they do, because they fear the power of nature, the Spirits. It no longer is acceptable to destroy Life, to destroy Earth, to destroy the elementals. And so they are doing their best, they are trying with maybe their last effort, to create that chaos and other things to take us away from the opportunity to create a permanent link to Spirit, a remembrance of a Holy Way that is universal.

Our little Earth is just a tiny little bit, and they are confusing it all with no purpose but greed. With this pipe, we can connect it to the fire. This pipe will have a home to the spirit of the sun, and the many billions of suns of fire in the universe. It is eternal, beyond this aggressor's brutality. So this is the hope that we know, and this is the faith that we have. This is the power of the Ix Tut, Loq'oluj, sacredness. Sacredness of the Goddess that holds the fire. That's what it is, not just a tool to smoke tobacco, but it goes deeper. You want to make a permanent link, you will become a Staff of Light. A Carrier of the Fire. A Holy One. It will last through this dark time. And it has gone through many darker times.

And so now it is our time to hold through. This is why we are alive, this is our moment to hold to the sacred and reclaim it for our Mother Earth, our Relatives. And so, this is what I want to leave you with, to hold that spirit is forever. It is beyond this physical experience, of all and any fears, slavery, and oppression, and even death. That is why we are not afraid of death. We have been there already and they sent us back, and they said, go and share this way, for spirit is forever, your soul. We can be aware of it stronger, and nothing will be afraid of this human world. We will have the power of creation through us." 
~ Tat Erick Gonzalez, Earth Wisdom Keeper      
Feb 1, 2017 (12 Akabal). 
From the intro to the Loq'oluj Ix Tut (Sacred Pipe) Teleclass series (click here for more info)