Spiritual Services  

Tat Erick offers many different ways to learn, heal and reach your full potential:

  • Personal consultations and Spiritual Divinations (in person or over the phone)
  • Life coaching & spiritual guidance
  • In-person and remote healing sessions (individuals or groups)
  • Life ceremonies (Baptisms, Weddings, Rites of Passage, Crossing Over)
  • Community healing and celebration ceremonies
  • Mesa & Altar Teachings & Practices
  • Trainings in Ceremonial & Healing Methods

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The spiritual teachings are rooted within cosmic, universal forces and not of human interpretations, so the root becomes an eternal echo that is given to us by elemental, cosmic, natural,  supernatural, and spiritual beings. These are the laws of the universe. 

Erick continues to search for the essence of the ceremonies and the understandings of the original instructions by Creator and makes them available for humanity to consider so we can again reconnect to the natural and spiritual worlds, thus leading humanity to come home to a balanced and harmonious way of living with respect and love towards our Mother Earth and all creation. 

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Guatemala Retreats

Patziapa offers a private retreat for soul rejuvenation and connection to the ancestors on sacred land in the heart of the Mayan world. Surrounded by three volcanoes along the shores of Lake Atitlan, the fertile land delights the senses and awakens a deep sense of spiritual and elemental connection. 

Our retreats nurture our connection to the sacred medicine and plant teachers through spiritual teachings, tuj ceremonies, (sweatlodges with medicinal waters), cultural immersion with the Maya, and time with nature, the gardens and the medicine plants.

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