“The teachings show us how the experiences of the past have affected the present world we live in, but yet give us great hope for the future. The Natural Laws were understood by the Indigenous Peoples as they learned how to be one with nature and the elements. Also the Cosmic Laws need to be taken into consideration as we continue to navigate our way. Before that can occur for many of us, we need to know our own mind, our own body and our own gifts. We do this by taking our own Inner Journey and the discoveries help us to understand that we are the embodiment of the Medicine Wheel of Life. What we choose to do as individuals can help set things in motion for the future we dream into being for those who are with us now and those who are yet to come. We can move closer to who we are meant to become on this journey… those beacons of light for others in the world. This journey helps us to connect with other alliances and spiritual warriors along the way, so that we join with others for periods of time as we continue to evolve and flower to our true potential.”

– Marsha Forrest, Mohawk Wisdom Keeper and Shamanic Spiritual Training Tele-class participant

“I just want to share deep gratitude both to Tat Erick and Nana Heddi for holding these classes, its just has been such a powerful journey already. And I really look forward to continuing it. I shared last week a little bit, but really I felt my entire life shift and upleveling. I don’t even know if that is a word, but I feel it. Everything is just becoming more clear and more potent and more real, and also more impeccable and aligned with who I want to be, so I am just so grateful to you both for these teachings and this opportunity.” 

-Alena, Walking with the Medicines Tele-class participant