Tat Erick has traveled to many communities in the US and internationally to give what we in the modern world call workshops, but these are our mystery schools.  This is where we learn about returning to the natural way to be and the original instructions that come from the Earth Wisdom of many traditions. We have taught about many subjects, including:

•    Healing with Fire ceremony (uses and meaning of materials) 
•    Healing with Water through the medicine lodge (sweat house, if available) 
•    Sacred Day Lords (meaning and their use in healing)
•    Ceremonies - Celebrations.  Astronomy
•    Mesa/Altar Teachings
•    Calendars (Great cycles of time): Haab, Tzolkin, Long Count, and Calendar Round
•    Mayan and Indigenous Mathematics
•    Cosmology (the sacred book of the Maya – Popul Vuh)
•    Sacred Day Lords and their influences on life
•    Mayan Calendric Prophecies
•    Mayan Cross, Medicine Wheel, and Cardinal Directions
•    Personal Tree of Life (Mayan birth astrological reflection and interpretation)     

The workshops are generally are large gatherings of people who are willing to dedicate some time, perhaps two days or even ten days. This dedication is necessary to impart the full teaching and experience. Our workshops are very powerful; not only in in the teaching and sharing of the earth wisdom, but also in the ceremony; the direct experience of spiritual, elemental and supernatural worlds. We start sensing that there is something beyond the normal world. Through the plant medicines, sweat lodges, fire ceremonies, sunrise ceremonies, dances, and pilgrimages we come into these experiences and create lasting relationships. These experiences with the teachings create the deep understanding and true initiation.

In the workshop format we introduce people to these worlds in a safe place because the shamanic worlds can be incredibly deep and vast. These worlds are eternal. Through the workshops we venture a little bit at a time. For Tat Erick, it has taken many decades years to get to the point of being able to share in this way, and he is still undergoing initiations.

Thus we allow the time to dedicate so we can go through the process, understand it, so that one day we can become a true practitioner. These are the rites of passage that takes us to maturity so we can practice what we've learned, change our way of life and to become a part of the evolutionary process of this world and co-create the new era.