The divination is a spiritual consultation that can be done in person or over the phone, in which communication is created to receive spiritual messages and gain understanding beyond our human interpretation. These sessions provide guidance to the map of the soul, and give us choices to create and live a life of fullness in which we can witness the beauty and wonder of our world.  Tat Erick becomes a hollow bone in which natural, spiritual and supernatural forces and beings come to communicate and to show us what we need to do. Tat Erick's spiritual guidance creates a map of understanding with recommendations for ceremonies or medicinal processes to create healing, nurturing of the soul, and recreate our true purpose in life.

This is a time to get spiritual advice and healing for personal issues, difficult situations, important choices, or to gain more understanding of your spiritual path and the steps you can take toward your healing and empowerment. The first Divination includes a sharing of the individual's Mayan Tree of Life, which talks about the person's individual frequencies and dominant energies as defined by the Mayan Matrix that holds the wisdom of encoded information in which a psychic and spiritual awareness is created within ourselves.  

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Tat Erick can work with people over the phone for long-distance healing. A strong healing intention doesn't know the difference in distance, whether close by or far away. The healing can travel to different places and even to different times for ancestral healing. The person seeking healing must have the faith, the belief that we are in the process, in order to be open and allow the spiritual force to heal. After a consultation to find out what the healing is about, the person will receive specific recommendations to create a space for spiritual connection and healing to occur, and will be asked to create an altar and a space of meditation and contemplation while Tat Erick will work with his altar and connect spiritually and energetically to the person. 


Tat Erick works with many different ceremonies to create a vortex of energy that can be used as a portal into the Spirit world, where we can receive healings and offer prayers. Ceremonies are natural processes that create frequencies of adaptation and reconnection to our cosmic selves. The person will receive guidance to go through the ceremonial processes that can create healing and awareness, to reach that individual’s highest potential, and to learn to crystalize aspirations, spiritual instructions, and personal and collective visions.  The first step would be to have a divination to gain clarity on the reason for the ceremony and what specific offerings and elementals should be worked with, for healing and empowerment of the individual. 

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