The Sacred CholQ'ij is a native time-keeping wisdom that guides and influences the destiny of all life upon our physical and spiritual dimensions. The Sacred CholQ'ij is used as a guide for ceremonies, healing, divination, and harmonizing ourselves with our own natural biorhythm, and the universe.

A knowledge based on scientific observation and spiritual understanding of our relationship with all life, the Sacred CholQ'ij utilizes the universal code made of 260 elemental and spiritual forces. The 260 day cycle is the gestation period for humanity.

The Sacred CholQ'ij unveils the profound mystery of our relationship with all of creation. The code embraces the wisdom of the micro-cosmos, the cosmos, and the spiritual realms that unify ourselves with the web of life.

The twenty Mayan Day symbols represent the different pulsations of divinity in which all life forms are evolving. Each Daylord manifests itself into thirteen different vibrations and frequencies which crystallizes the manifestations of life. 

These glyphs hold the transformative and evolutionary frequencies of encoded information in which a psychic and spiritual connection is created within ourselves. These sacred symbols bridge us with the multidimensional divine essence of the universe and guide us beyond the bounds of time and space.

Through the Sacred CholQ'ij, one can become aware of his/her Nahuales (spiritual forces). These Nahuales guide, protect and influence a person's life from their day of conception.

The Sacred CholQ'ij is our medium to understand and live within our own organic, galactic, and cosmic biorhythm.

"The Maya have kept the sacred knowledge of the great cycles of time and space for many generations. We pray that at this time the sharing of this sacred knowledge will help bring ourselves back into balance with the Mother Earth and All Our Relations. May this knowledge be respected and honored, as well as the root from which it flowers.
                                                                                                      - Tat Erick Gonzalez

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