Ceremonies are natural processes that create frequencies of adaptation and reconnection to our cosmic selves. The person will receive guidance to go through the ceremonial processes that can create healing and awareness, to reach that individual’s highest potential, and to learn to crystalize aspirations, spiritual instructions, and personal and collective visions.

Tat Erick has gone through an intensive ceremonial life with many initiations in various native traditions to receive many ceremonial bundles and to now hold the elemental and spiritual forces at the sanctuaries that he has co-created at Deer Mountain (north of Mt Shasta) and Patziapa (Lake Atitlan, Guatemala). As a hollow bone or spiritual medium, the elemental, natural, supernatural forces come through him, and for each individual Erick can show them the door to walk through and experience a true spiritual experience for themselves, and on their own terms. As the conductor of the ceremonies, Erick continues to fulfill the "door in, door out" concept that all goes well. So that from the moment of the initial thought to performing the ceremony, to the door out when people take responsibility for the instructions given, he is responsible for the wellness of the individual (provided they follow the instructions given). 

As we become aware of the ceremonial processes, we begin to understand the original instructions. One of the primary original instructions is that of right relationship: asking permission and making an offering (toj) to show our respect and our willingness to honor the gift. The requests we make are spiritual petitions, and come from the heart with a clear mind, with the generosity that we would like to see returned to us from Spirit. 

We offer the following ceremonies:

  • Community Mayan Fire Ceremonies for healing and/or celebration 
  • Personal Mayan Fire Ceremonies
  • Rites of Passage Ceremonies
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Baptism Ceremonies
  • Flowering Staff Blessing ceremonies 
  • Water Ceremonies
  • Tuj (purification lodge) ceremonies
  • Ancestor ceremonies