In the week of 1 Aj (Thurs May 17th), now that the spiritual being has been manifested and crystallized, on 1 Aj they declare themselves to be of a spiritual nature, and plants the staff of their intentions. Aj is also the bundle- what is sacred to us? This week will take us to the full manifestation of universal energy on 13 Kan (Tues May 29th).  In the middle of this week, what waits is the way to purify and cleanse ourselves on 7 Kawok (Wed May 23rd).  Here is where the energy that we are going to use is given by Spirit, because on 13 Kan we learn how to use this full potential, how to use the elemental powers of the universe, how to use the spiritual powers that come from this connection to the cosmos. So 7 Kawok knows that the bundle needs to be cleansed and purified in certain ways, and it has chosen that. 

Then the next day on 8 Ajpu (Thurs May 24th), the spiritual being that had its initiation 20 days before on 1 Ajpu, now it is complete. Now the Lords of the Light become enlightened, and the clarity of the mind, the clarity of the intention becomes the source to continue giving the inspiration to this person, on 9 Imux (Fri May 25th). Here is the birthing of the ideas. And then the next day on 10 I’q (Sat May 26th) the universe says, “I will give you breath and life”. This is the opportunity to understand how to use this cosmic energy, this spiritual energy, and this manifestation of the Original Instructions, for the end of this week is where the laws of nature and the laws of the cosmos lies, in 13 Kan (Tues May 29th).