In the week of 1 Ajmak (Mon June 27th), we have received this incredible beauty and celebrated the women in the previous week, and now on the day of 1 Ajmak we honor the children- now they have been born. On 1 Ajmak we now have all these children running around, and we must teach them, we must protect them, we must show them the way that the Lords of the Light walked. These are the teachings of the ancestors, to take us to the balance of the 7 I’q (Sun July 6th), the 7 breaths that come from all directions. These are the 7 rays that are drawn on the fireplaces to show the path of the spirits.

In this week, 1 Ajmak starts to make the journey all the way to the fertility and total harvest of 13 Q’anil (Sat June 12th). So this is like the families- they have a whole bunch of kids and then they harvest that love, that family, that’s how it’s always been. And so whatever seeds have been planted in Ajmak – whether they are ideas, whether they are processes, or bundles, or the children themselves, we know that they will go through this whole story. Then on 8 Akabal (Mon July 7th), Akabal comes into completion. 20 days before was the initiation on 1 Akabal, to understand what is in the mystery, what is not known. Now, on 8 Akabal, we are understanding what needs to happen for these children, for these ideas, for these projects, and then the birthing happens through the web of life on 9 Kat (Tues July 8th). The children must go through the rites of passage through the sacred fire, through the web, through the elementals forces. We need to take them all the way to understand that they will be our harvest, they will be the future seeds of our world, the 13 Q’anil.