In the week of 1 Akabal (Sun Jan 7th), now we have the spiritual force, now we want to birth it, we have been given the spiritual approval. So in 1 Akabal, we watch the new dawn through this week. We watch the process to go from that which was not known into 13 Tz’ikin (Fri Jan 19th)- a full beauty of visions, the richness that comes from enlightenment. This is not just the knowledge or wisdom now, this is the joy of the vision in activation. Like we see now, the beauty of our efforts through so many years that we have sanctuaries. We have the beauty, so we live it now. So 1 Akabal takes us through the dawning through the web of life (2 Kat- Mon Jan 8th). We still must come through the transformation (4 Keme- Wed Jan 10th) and into the place of the medicine, the shamans (5 Kiej- Thurs Jan 11th). 

In the middle of this week, on 7 Toj (Sat June 13th), there is a balance now with all the offerings that have been given: the efforts that have been given to Life, to ourselves, to our family, to Creator, and the gifts that are being received. Now you can see that everything you have done is coming to be fruitful. It is there for you- the gifts are there, and this is a place of balance. The karma is being given (payment), we are getting rid of that, and now we see this jewel, this potential, because it is taking us to the completion of the community on 8 T’zi (Sun Jan 14th). 20 days ago we started the 1 T’zi- the initiations through all this story with our relationships. Now, on 8 T’zi- the community is complete. Now we know our placement. Now we know the Original Instructions. Now we know how our relationships are. Now we know what we must give and what we must take. Between 7 Toj and 8 T’zi, we understand that now. We understand our placement, we understand our gifts, and we understand the reciprocity for our efforts, for our community now. 

And so the community prepares to say thank you to those ones who are going to be giving birth on the 9 B’atz (Mon Jan 15th): the 9 strands/threads. This is the day to honor the women as 1 Akabal: the house of creation, the house of the crystals, the womb of the mother Nan Imuxcane, Nan Ixchel, and the physical place in which birth can happen. Now, in 9 B’atz, the birth is being witnessed. This is when the Maya celebrate and honor the women through ceremonies. We know now that the DNA, the matrix, the Cholqi’j we call it, the counting of these days are now witnessing the birth of all of these thought forms, of the birthing that we are trying to do. So it starts to know itself, on the path, on the road, on 10 E (Tues Jan 16th).  This whole journey this week is so that we can get to the beauty and the completion of 13 Tz’ikin (Fri Jan 19th): the beauty, the gifting, the incredible abundance and harvest in life.