In the week of 1 B’atz (Sat April 26th), we start weaving a new thread, and will have to choose what we want to weave so that it can be crystallized in its full expression in 13 Akabal (Thurs May 8th). This initiation takes us to the place where we contemplate the wisdom of 7 Noj- the connection to Earth and what is our journey through this world (Fri May 2nd). The very next day is 8 Tijax (Sat May 3rd), when we can either communicate what we understand, or we will going to misinterpret and miscommunicate, as we see many people that fall into the gossip, creating lies about the intention to weave a new way when the fears have entered and are being fed. In the positive, once we understand what is happening, we can use the completion of our communication skills to go through the purification process in 9 Kawok (Sun May 4th) and birth our purification. When this happens, the next day in 10 Ajpu (Mon May 5th) the Lords of the Light can become self-aware, and we become aware of the light within us. This process is all so that we can get to the place of understanding the great Mystery in 13 Akabal (Thurs May 8th).   

This week is determined by what we want to start weaving following the outcome of the 13 T’zi in the week before. If we are weaving from the problems of the 13 T’zi, then we are going to go into 13 Akabal more like the Dark Ages- where the fears are applied through religions, through social systems, through economic systems, and through confusion. But if we are given the collective consciousness that our clans & our families are being restructured, now on 1 B’atz we decide to start weaving a new strand that takes us to a very different destiny. It takes us through the wisdom of Noj to reconnect to what we are doing, a lot of communication (Tijax), a lot of healing and doctoring (Kawok), and a lot of connection to understand that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. So that we don’t have confusion and we can use the energy and the source of Life to understand what is in the Great Mystery (13 Akabal).

1 B’atz is part of the story of the Pop Vuh of the ancient civilizations and the teachings, where there is a set of twins of creation, and the story leads us to understand the empowerment of what we are creating. So in in Jun B’atz we take one strand of life, of thought, of intention, and we can complete the house of knowledge, the crystal house in 13 Akabal.