1 E – 13 Kat  (Tues Mar 18th – Sun Mar 30th)     

In this week, now we take a step into our new destiny, our new path on 1E (Tues Mar 18th). We initiate a new road where we are carrying a new bundle that is going to complete in the connection through the elementals to the Web of Life, in 13 Kat (Sun, Mar 30th). 13 Kat is like the spider, connecting our intentions, all of our initiations, our mental wisdom, our emotional wellness, and our spiritual awareness, within the Web of Life. However, in this journey we first have to get through the 7 Tijax (Mon Mar 24th), the obsidian blade, the place where all the blades are facing in each direction, and we are traveling at a certain speed and need to be careful to not get cut. Tijax asks us to pay attention to the energies that can block us from getting to our purification place, the place of knowing how to handle the elementals (Kawok). So 7 Tijax becomes one of the final tests - we can not get caught, we can not lose our self, so that we make it through the 8 Kawok (Tues Mar 25th), through that lodge, through the completion of the process of purification. This is important because the very next moment, the next day on 9 Ajpu (Wed Mar 26th), an enlightened being is born. It doesn’t mean that we made it all the way through, but it means that the knowledge and wisdom (10 Imux – Thurs Mar 27th), that spiritual state (11 I’q – Fri Mar 28th), now has taken a birth.  It is going to take you through the crystallizing of your visions, the place of the unknown, into the light and understanding (12 Akabal – Sat Mar 29th), so that we can connect to the Web of Life on 13 Kat.

However, if we choose the wrong road on 1 E, if we get into drugs, alcohol, addictions through the partying, or whatever, and we become trapped, this is where the soul catcher is waiting, this is where we lose our vision, where we make the violations, and Tijax cuts our connection. 9 Ajpu, the Lord of the Light, goes into the black sun, and confusion comes in. 13 Kat then becomes the addiction, the imprisonment of the soul. It becomes a dark place of eternity. And so, as we see humanity and part of our world, that is where it is heading. It continues to get trapped in the spider web- now we are a mosquito and we are trapped by the Soul Catcher, the spider, and we will become its food. And so these are the 2 aspects of what happens when we take our step, and make decisions when we have knowledge and wisdom, on this path, on the initiation of the 1 E (Tues Mar 18th).