In the week of 1 Imux (Wed Sept 3rd), we see a story that begins a process of creation that will end on 13 Aj (Mon Sept 15th). Imux is the thought forms, the water lily, the element of water. Through our efforts and the evolutionary process, we look at what thought forms are floating in the water and put our intentions on what we want to start to crystallize. This week ends in 13 Aj- where you plant the full potential of the staff of your intention to manifest and to crystallize the thought forms that you want to create into the earth. 

In the middle of this week we find 7 Kiej (Tues Sept 9th)- the thought forms need to be activated by some force, some entity, some energy. This energy in the human form is found in the shamans, the medicine people, who are chosen on this day. And they choose the seed bundles – the bundles for the future harvest.  The very next day, 8 Q’anil (Wed Sept 10th) is the day that the Maya will be celebrating big ceremonies to bless all their seeds - ceremonies in which they bring the bundles of the seeds that are going to be planted the next season. The energy of the fires and the prayers encodes the seeds so that they can have a good harvest. And then the very next day is 9 Toj (Thurs Sept 11th), in which the gift is received, the petition is received, and we have made the proper payments to continue on our journey so that the harvest will be good.

The culmination of this week, the thought forms that we chose to start crystallizing on 1 Imux, ends up in 13 Aj (Mon Sept 15th)- the full empowerment of the Staff. It is time to pierce the earth and drop the seeds, the time that we decide that this is what we are going to do, and we ground that intention to fulfill it.