In the week of 1 I’q (Thurs Feb 15th), another initiation begins that asks us to select the spiritual seeds in which life will continue. This week’s story will again take us through completing our exchange: let’s say we brought gifts and we give them on 8 Toj (Thurs Feb 22nd), and at the same time we receive our gifts. Here’s where the ceremony has been answered, and the prayers are answered. And so this initiation will take us all the way to 13 Ix (Tues Feb 27th)- the 13 sacred sites, the power of the jaguar, the guardians of the natural world. Once this gift is given in 8 Toj (Thurs Feb 22nd) and we start to make the next step in 9 T’zi (Fri Feb 23rd), the Maya are celebrating this energy of the Guardians of Earth: the guardians of the sacred, the guardians of the holy. As we go to complete the journey of 13 Ix (Tues Feb 27th), this dog nation, the wolf nation, these judges, these protectors, these faithful ones, these warriors, they will guard the Ix- they will guard the goddess. They will guard the bundles. They will walk with you on 11 E (Sun Feb 25th) on your path. They will know themselves for what they are and who they are in carrying this spiritual initiation, this spiritual message.

These are those who make the commitment to be the guardians of the Goddess- the champions, the strong warriors. They will face many challenges and incredible things that they have to overcome, but when they get to that sacred site, when they receive the blessings of 13 Ix, it is the shamans turning into the medicine. This is the journey of the human beings that turn into the elementals and the crystallization of their visions through the sacred sites, through the sacred ways. So 13 Ix becomes the sanctuaries. We’ve been praying, we’ve been going through all of this, and we have asked the initiation of the 1 I’q to give it life, to bring the dawning into these sanctuaries. But all these other things must be understood: the reciprocity, the selection of the seeds, the selection of those shamans and medicine people who will guard the sacred site, who understand the Original Laws and can be the law keepers and the guardians to connect, to maintain, to sustain, and to help these sacred sites and sanctuaries flourish.