In the week of 1 Kat (Fri May 8th), here something very important starts to happen- the beginning of the connection to the web of life. This is the journey that will take us to what becomes the inheritance- what is the bundle that we are giving to the next generation on 13 Ajmak (Wed May 21st)? This is the time where it has already been decided what is the tradition that we want to give to the 7th generation. We have gone through all these experiences, and now we have this initiation in walking in the web of life. Here is where we come to a place where the Maya decide that we are going to have a Council, a gathering of the people, on 7 T’zi (Thurs May 15th). 7 T’zi is the day that we honor the women, and the ceremonies are led by the women- it is dealing with the law that governs the community and the family, how we honor our relationship to this web of life, to the 1 Kat. And so on 7 T’zi the keepers of the Original Instructions are activated. And we make offerings, especially the women leading the ceremonies, because they are the ones that are weaving the web in the womb to create life. That is the 1 Kat. 

And so through this journey, the 7 T’zi it has activated, and at midnight, their bundle, all these relationships, all these Original Instructions, they go through an evolutionary process which manifests on 8 B’atz (Fri May 16th). And so on this day of 8 B’atz, millions of the Maya are doing ceremonies to celebrate the evolutionary process through the web of life. And others, they know it as the “Mayan New Year”, to make it simple and understandable. But it is not just like a New Year calendric, it actually is how the matrix is going through its evolutionary process. Once this is complete, the 8 strands, the 8 umbilical cords (B’atz) that started to unwind on 1 Kat, connecting to the web of life, it now becomes complete. And so the bundle is complete, it has been blessed. And it is going to begin a new journey on 9 E (Sat May 17th). This new destiny is activated. Now we have seen the story of how we have gotten here, and what we have been doing. The preparations are now that we take the bundle and we start on the journey again. We go visit the sacred sites. And we go and honor the wisdom, the visions, and all the sacred sites that have been named and shown to us by our ancestors. Now the traditional ways continue as we prepare to give the bundle to the next generation on 13 Ajmak (Wed May 21st).