In the week of 1 Noj, here now we take the traditional ways that the 13 Ajmak, the ancestors, have left us. Now, in this week, the wisdom is initiated and begins to be applied in 1 Noj, the wisdom of the Earth (Tues Dec 12th). This journey takes us to 7 Akabal (Mon Dec 18th)- this place of serenity, the place of contemplation, the meditation to be able to start to see through the unknown, to start to understand the Great Mystery. Because what started 20 days ago on the 1 Kat through all the story, now we see that is must be complete on 8 Kat (Tues Dec 19th)- the web must be complete in its process of evolution. And so this becomes an important part, because here is where we start seeing, let’s say, the fetus inside the womb of the mother, now we see it starts to develop to its form. So like our ideas, our ceremonials, our teachings, the wisdom, it starts to link up and now we start to understand how things are put together. We start to understand the story of the 13-day weeks, and what is happening in the evolution of the planetary and the cosmic processes. 

Then, the next day it activates the birth of 9 Kan (Wed Dec 20th)- now the Original Laws become the instructions to the development of what is happening inside of the web, the Kat, inside the matrix, inside the womb of the mother. Now the laws decide if it is going to be a male, or is it going to be a female, or it’s a turtle, or it’s a worm, or it’s a human, or an eagle, or whatever is being created. Because the 1 Noj, this wisdom, can take us to 13 Toj (Sun Dec 24th). This is where we receive the payment, Toj, this is where we are harvesting now. All that wisdom, it is now harvesting. We have chosen the seeds, we have planted the seeds, we have taken care of the garden, and now in this week we can receive the gift of our efforts. So we say that whatever we do in love for ourselves, for our families, for Mother Nature, for the Spirit, for the supernaturals, for the elementals, is very prolific. The multiplication is the 1 to the 144,000.  So if we do it with dedication and consciousness, how can we go wrong? Here is where we must endure the process of the selection and the planting of the seed (12 Q’anil – Sat Dec 23rd), so that we can receive the gift. If it is not in the wisdom, and we have chosen the dark road, this 13 Toj then becomes our burdens- the heavy cross we are carrying, the karma that we must pay, all the violations that we went through. If we choose the dark road then on 8 Kat there is the potential to become trapped in the web- we go into the prison, go into the confinement, and go into the entanglement. And so here we must choose the knowledge that was given to us by the ancestors – what did they experience? What did they do, and how are we now choosing to prepare to receive the gift of life?