In the week of 1 Q’anil (Tues Mar 13th), now that the shaman/medicine person has received their empowerment, what are they going to do with it? The initiation of 1 Q’anil is to take that knowledge, that wisdom, all that process through life, and plant a new seed. The next day on 2 Toj (Wed Mar 14th) we give it a gift and receive its payment, and take it all the way through the 7 Ix (Mon Mar 19th), the sanctuary. You are taking that seed now and creating a tipi fireplace, you are creating a sweatlodge, you are creating your ceremonial grounds, you are creating your journey through the sacred sites. Because on 8 Tz’ikin (Tues Mar 20th), the vision is complete. And it is preparing you. It is preparing us to go all the way to the 13 Ajpu (Sun Mar 25th)- the flowering of the Tree of Life. Then, after the vision is complete, we must go through the birth of the Ajmak (9 Ajmak – Wed Mar 21st). As we become aware of the inheritance of our ancestors, we make the conscientious choice of birthing a tradition, breaking away from generational dysfunction.

We must give it away. Now we must give it as a teaching that this is the wisdom (10 Noj- Thurs Mar 22nd). This is what we have selected. This is what we have gone through. This is what we have from years now of integrity, of dedication, of contemplation, of meditation, of empowering ourselves and building relationships and applying this wisdom, so that we can communicate it in 11 Tijax (Fri Mar 23rd). And then, before we can reach our full blossom, our full potential, we must go through one final purification process, and we must endure it, in 12 Kawok (Sat Mar 24th).  Because that Flowering Tree, it must be in its Light and allow the emergence of the full potential. This is the last breath of our Being, so we can see that we have completed and we are now a Flowering Tree, a Flowering Staff.  We are in our illumination. And then, as we know, after the full potential is reached and all of this is done, the flowers fall off, and it goes through its winter. It goes through its death process to start again on the day of 1 Imux (Mon Mar 26th).