In this week of 1 Tijax (Sun Apr 13th), if you received the wisdom of the previous week, now you can communicate it. The initiation of 1 Tijax is to become the teacher now, to share how to become a community, how to become a family on 13 T’zi (Fri Apr 25th): people who can collaborate, who can cooperate, who can love each other, who can live in peace, who can really be in oneness with all of life.  The balance point of this week is 7 Kat (Sat Apr 19th), when we can see the proper connection to the Web of Life: “whatever you do to the web of life, you do to yourself.” It is not about us, it is about us serving and responding to the sacred gift that Creator, Mother Earth, is giving us, so that we can restructure our communities and our families, so that we can now say we are healing the sacred hoop. The very next day on 8 Kan (Sun Apr 20th), here is where we reach the completion of the Feathered Serpent; the Feathered Serpent is now activated. Now we can call it the Original Instructions, this is the Law of Nature. Now we know how to respect it, now we can communicate it, now we can share it. We can even use the Original Instructions of the Law of the Land, to go through the transformation of the 9 Keme (Mon Apr 21st), the 9 Lords of the Underworld, now we can say this is the way we can birth our transformation.  Then the next day the shamans become self-aware on 10 Kiej (Tues Apr 22nd). Before we can complete this week in the 13 T’zi, we find the way to make payment for our debts, for our violations, and for all we have received, and we make a gift on 12 Toj (Thurs Apr 24th). 

The prophesy of the Aztec Calendar warned us about the dangers of the Fifth Sun, which has the one obsidian blade (1 Tijax) in the center. If we came into this 1 Tijax with just knowledge- knowledge to destroy with the one blade, the 1 Tijax will bring miscommunication, it will bring discord on 13 T’zi. It will bring war, it will bring the dark sun, it will manifest the Lords of the Underworld and they will become alive, we will give them birth on 9 Keme. So this is our prophesy at this time of the 13 Baktun- do we want to continue carrying the 1 Tijax from the past era? If we can use the Tijax to work towards collaboration, cooperation, then humanity can be in harmony with life. We become aware of our relationship with each other. We become respectful. We become those who will serve the community, the families, the humanity, and all our relations. Because after 13 T’zi, we begin to weave a new strand of a new day, a new way of being on 1 B’atz.