1 Toj – 13 Imux (Fri Feb 2nd – Wed Feb 14th)

In the week of 1 Toj, now we see that we have been given incredible fertility and a great harvest from the previous week. Now on 1 Toj (Fri Feb 2nd) the initiation starts again: now we have this gift, and are sitting on a treasure, we are sitting in abundance. We have paid our debts, and now 1 Toj is going to take us through a sacred journey all the way to 13 Imux (Wed Feb 14th). In this 13-day week we will be able to take this gift and create, co-create, crystallize, and holograph our ideas. Now we know a lot of these processes and stories, and on 13 Imux we again go through the process of deciding what is knowledge, what is wisdom, and how to apply the solutions as we face other challenges, or other evolutionary processes. But before we get to that, we have to get to the place of the 7 Tz’ikin (Thurs Feb 8th) where we are asked to remember our original visions, remember our inspiration, and remember our prayer. Then in 8 Ajmak (Fri Feb 9th) we can become a complete ancestor. Now, the gifts that you have been given and the gift that you were getting ready to give, becomes the bundle of the wisdom on 9 Noj (Sat Feb 10th). We are giving this bundle to the next generation, to the world - the solutions to the things that we need to correct, or, to continue co-creating and creating the beautiful word that we aspire to. So here in this week of 1 Toj, we are going to take that gift. And we are going to set an intention and plant that staff on 5 Aj (Tues Feb 6th) so that the Ajpus, the Lords of the Light, can endure their challenges and their trials and tribulations on 12 Ajpu (Tues Feb 13th), and we can be creative in what we need to do to sustain life on this world (13 Imux – Wed Feb 14th).