In the week of 1 T’zi (Wed June 4th), here the initiation now begins to take form into our relationships with Life, our relationships with ourselves, our relationship with each other, our relationship to the Original Instructions. How are we behaving, and how are we carrying the Law of the Land, the Spiritual Law? Because here is where we are looking at the completion of this cycle in the relationship to 13 I’q, the 13 breaths (Mon June 16th). Here are the 13 forces of Spiritual Law.  And so, in this journey, in this initiation, we are going to find that in the middle is 7 Ajmak (Tues June 10th). That which was before- the place in which we had to decide what to carry as our ancestors’ gift, now it becomes our acts, our way that we are in relationship to life.  And so the next day comes in, 8 Noj (Wed June 11th)- the completion of acting on the wisdom that we now know. Not just knowledge to make things happen, but the wisdom, so that on the next day on 9 Tijax (Thurs June 12th) we can communicate it. And we can use that force to liberate anything that is limiting the 1 T’zi – the human slavery, the destruction of the earth, the pollution of the earth. Here comes this revolutionary, this force to change the things that are not right. And so Tijax becomes these warriors, becomes these guardians of Earth in activation. Because the 1 T’zi says “oh, just a minute! Here, the violations are against nature, against the Creator, against Life.” And we need the 13 Spirits (I’q), we need to endure through our mind (12 Imux- Sun June 15th) to find the solutions so that we can communicate it, we can protect it, and we can cut off all those things that are not needed with the energy of Tijax.

So this week here, this initiation, is about global transformation, global evolution. And it can go the other way where we have the wars, the bickering, the fighting, the jealousies, the envies- the 1 T’zi can become a very messy cycle. But we are looking at the relationships to life, to be in the activation and the manifestation of the ancestors’ gift.  And so here, the ancestors look at us and they say “oh good, they learned it well.” And the children are looking at it and saying “oh yes, they are a good example for me to live by.”