In the week of 1 Tzikin (Wed Feb 28th), we see that we have been through the sacred site and that which is sacred. Now comes the initiation to shape and form the shaman, the Aj Pop, the medicine person, the roadman or roadwoman, the taitas, the spiritual leaders, the great oracles, and the powerful social leaders of the community, of the people. But, they have a journey to take- they must make it through remembering the ancestral work on 2 Ajmak (Thurs Mar 1st) and giving and receiving the universal and elemental wisdom on 3 Noj (Fri Mar 2nd). They are going to take the journey of the Apjus, the sacred initiations. In the middle of this week, 7 Imux (Tues Mar 6th), we come to a place where the mind now is at a place of understanding the dark side of our experience, and seeing the solutions that must be taken into consideration and put into place. 7 Imux becomes the clear mind, to use the clarity from the 1 Tzikin.

On 1 Tzikin (Wed Feb 28th), now the eagle is flying high, and it can see all across the land. It can see beyond the road, beyond the journey of the mountains where we need to go, because the shaman needs to have the ability to see that. So from the 7 Imux (Tues Mar 6th ), now the water lilies are in full blossom, and the goddess can sit on it, to contemplate, in meditation, this sacred vision of the 1 Tzikin, given by Spirit. The next day on 8 I’q (Wed Mar 7th) the spirits are complete. They have given you what you are going to handle, what you are going to need for your crystallization, because in 9 Akabal (Thurs Mar 8th), the next dawning, you are now going to birth your visions. You are ready to say “ok, this is what we have to do, and we have to get it done.” Now we need the maturity of all of us to know that we will do what we say we are going to do. The integrity, the clarity, the commitment, the dedication, through the web of life on 10 Kat (Fri Mar 9th) is very important, because now the shaman can either be trapped or go back into entrapment, or it can know how to use the energy that connects all things.

Before the shaman, the 13 Kiej, can close its hand into total empowerment, it must endure the 12 Keme (Sun Mar 11th). It must endure the death process- the death of the soul, the death of the mind, the body, and everything else that the person wanted, or had, or aspired to, it must die. It must all be taken, so the shaman can be rebirthed in its power, and stand in its glory in that moment. It might last one second, it might last a whole lifetime. But the efforts continue to bring that sacred power on 13 Kiej (Mon Mar 12th). So this week requires a lot of contemplation, brings many challenges, and connects us to the supernatural. How are we going to manifest this spiritual vision?