Contrary to the hype at the end of the year 2012, the Mayan calendar did not come to an end. It is still alive and can serve as a powerful guiding tool for our lives. The sacred Mayan calendar that we follow, called the Cholq’ij, is made up of 260 days (approximately 9 months, which is the gestation period for a human being). Within this calendar there are cycles of 13 days that we call a week, where the vibrations of the days go from 1 to 13, and then start again in a 1 vibration. These vibrations are moving along side of the 20 Daylords, creating the completion of the Cholq’ij: the one cycle of the Mayan calendar in its 260 days (13 x 20).

The importance of these 13-day weeks is that they tell a story of an evolutionary process of humanity and all the beings with which we share this matrix. The matrix is what we call Kaj Uleu, the place between sky and earth, where all of life is manifested. In the same way that we have planetary influences (the basis for astrology), we have frequency, elemental, and cosmic influences, as individuals and a collective, that are reflected through the Mayan Calendar and that create a direct influence on our 7 divine bodies.

We are again sharing this creation story that comes from the spiritual, elemental and cosmic energies of the 13-day Mayan Calendar week. This creation story can be read in the sacred book of the Popul Vuh, as well the oral traditional stories that go with the ceremonies of the Maya. The Mayan Aj Q’ijab, shamans, the Daykeepers, they know this story. We want to share it in this way to expand this knowledge into the consciousness of humanity.

On the one vibration of each 13-day week we will be sharing a brief overview of the energies at play for that week, in which we can attune ourselves for a more cohesive and harmonized life.  Each week initiates with a 1 energy and moves through an evolutionary process to reach its full potential in the frequency of 13.  The frequencies move through the 20 Daylords.  The week describes not only part of a story of creation, but the story unfolding into a future that we can participate in.  This smaller cycle of the 13-day weeks and the journey of the Daylords gives us an episode of an unfolding, everlasting story of which we are part (we are the actors in co-creating our future). In the same way that when we look at the stars we are looking at the past, there is also a future in which the gear of the 13-day week is part of an everlasting clock. This clock has some degree of predictability in which we can plan and participate with, and align ourselves with, to be in harmonious frequency. This sharing will be brief and touch on the important aspects of the week. It is in essence a mini “forecast” using the Mayan Calendar.

For a deeper sharing, we encourage people to get a personal reading and/or support our teachings in multiple forms.

Many blessings and may this sharing serve humanity in its evolution! 

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