In the week of 1 Kan (Sun Jul 8th), here is where we now know what energy we are using (Kan is the cosmic energy that moves through all things). So if we made good decisions in the previous cycle and made a good connection to the web of life, now we’re going to use the energy properly. We are going to initiate to become the Feathered Serpent - the unification of opposites. The next day on 2 Keme (Tues Mon Jul 9th) we go through the death process, and take this beautiful journey to 7 B’atz (Sat Jul 14th), which is waiting for us in the middle of this week. In 7 B’atz we look again at our tapestry, and we decide, okay, now that we’ve been through all of this, now what do we do with what’s coming from the world, from our life and our experience, through walking in this world? 7 B’atz comes in and says, ok, now you have this tapestry, how are you going to complete your spiritual journey? We’re almost halfway up the mountain, and some might not even want to make it any more. You’re tired, and you’ve been through all kinds of stuff, and here is where a lot of people give up. Here’s where we start to lose the connection. 

But if we keep the connection on 8 E (Sun Jul 15th), we decide, “No, I will not give up, I will continue and complete this journey”. The very next day, on 9 Aj (Mon Jul 16th), you say “I am planting my staff to birth myself, to complete, so I can receive the full power of the knowledge”, on 13 Noj (Fri Jul 20th). Here’s the wisdom of Earth. Here’s the wisdom of the ancestors. Here’s the universal wisdom, to understand what needs to happen. And we have already made a decision of what goes on and what doesn’t. So that we do not misuse the knowledge. Here is where Noj can be knowledge or wisdom: when it is just knowledge, the world continues to create things and to destroy the very world that will give it life. And so when we look at this birthing on 9 Aj (Mon Jul 16th), now my bundle is alive. Now I can make this decision and follow what is sacred, walk that sacred garden. Now we are going to receive the wisdom of 13 Noj, because we will learn from the greatest teacher ever- the cosmos, our Mother Nature, and the Spirit.