In this week of 1 Kawok, during the ball game we have had a taste of the Lords of the Underworld (Keme), and the Lords of the Light (Ajpu), what is going on there.  And so now we decide to go through our spiritual initiation on 1 Kawok, we go back to reflect and to reconnect through the Lords of the Light (2 Ajpu- Wed June 13th), to reach 13 B’atz (Sun June 24th). In 13 B’atz it asks us in this whole story: “what are we weaving”? In the weaving of our life, each strand is used in our weaving. Each action, each thought, each dedication to life, to spirit, to Mother Nature, it creates a strand across the matrix of our life.  So that when we look back we can say “wow, we weaved a beautiful tapestry” or “we are weaving a beautiful tapestry in our life and these are the actions we are taking”. Because One Kawok is this sacred initiation, it takes us to understand the proper use of energy at the balance point of the week, 7 Kan (Mon June 18th). The Kan, the manifestation of the Feathered Serpent allows the dualities of the negative aspect of Keme and the positive aspect of the Ajpu to becoming one being. Here is where the energies are balanced, they are harmonized, and then 8 Keme (Tues June 19th) comes in, and the death process is complete.

Now the birth of the Shaman, the energy of 9 Kiej (Wed June 20th), can really happen now. We have been going through initiations, we have been going through challenges, we’ve been going through understandings, now it is the time of the birth of the medicine person, the spiritual person.   This cycle comes to its fullness in 13 B’atz (Sun June 24th)- the 13 threads. These threads are woven by our thoughts, by our actions, by our emotions, by our service to life. We choose whether we will have a beautiful tapestry. Before we arrive at the 13 B’atz we must pass through 12 T’zi  (Sat June 23rd) that deals with our relationships to life. If they become chaotic through envy, gossip, and all the negativity that we see between humans, the warlike aspects of us, in 13 B’atz instead of a beautiful tapestry, we have an incredible mess of entanglements that can bring resentments.

This week takes us through this sacred initiation through the sweatlodge, through the relationship with the elementals, the opportunity to purify (1 Kawok), and we can be in full awareness and very conscious of every action, so that everything that we do, think, and receive is creating a beautiful tapestry of life.