Tat Erick Gonzalez, Earth Wisdom Keeper

Since his early childhood, Tat Erick Gonzalez has received profound and sustained healing from the indigenous medicine of Guatemala. As a small boy, carried by his grandmother to tribal healers for treatments, he formed an early and lifelong connection to the natural and spiritual forces that would guide his astonishing earth walk.

Within the traditional indigenous circles and the native people of the Maya, Tat Erick carries the responsibility of an Aj Q’ij and Kamal Bey (Spiritual Leader, Teacher and Earth Wisdom Keeper).

Over a thirty-year period, Tat Erick traveled with, trained under, and was initiated by spiritual Elders from México, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala and throughout North America. And he has been blessed with a truly unique connection to the sacred guidance which comes directly from Spirit. Without hesitation as a youth, Tat Erick participated in Native movements in an effort to protect sacred lands, the heartbeat and essence of the indigenous ways. And in subsequent years, he dedicated himself to serving communities in re-establishing their traditional ways, keeping them alive and flourishing for future generations.

Through the years and with an unwavering conviction, Tat Erick has participated in Indigenous Councils throughout the Americas, gathering tribal Elders as part of a sacred call to action, promoting increased cooperation and unity between diverse traditions. He is passionate about the inclusion of all lineages for healing and unification.

As the Founder & Spiritual Leader of Earth Peoples United, a non-profit dedicated to connecting people to the natural & spiritual worlds, Tat Erick nurtures a powerful international alliance of Earth Wisdom Keepers, and inspires many who are on a path of re-establishing their Earth Wisdom connection.

Nan Heddi Neale, Earth Wisdom Keeper 

Nan Heddi Neale has been working to support the exchange of Earth Wisdom alongside her husband, Tat Erick Gonzalez, since 1998. Fluent in Spanish, she has traveled throughout the United States, Guatemala, Canada, and Northern Europe to help organize, facilitate, and interpret for various international Councils and ceremonial gatherings with Mayan and other indigenous elders, as well as non-native peoples from all over the world.  In 2005, Nan Heddi received her sacred bundle and spiritual mission as an Ajq’ij in the Mayan tradition. She earned a Masters degree in Creation Spirituality from the University of Creation Spirituality/ Naropa University in 1999. Nan Heddi is also Founder and President of Earth Peoples United. She has also started leading women's ceremonies at EPU's land base of Deer Mountain, north of Mt Shasta in northern California. 

She is also a ceremonial artist, you can view her work at: http://www.redbubble.com/people/heddil