Tat Erick Gonzalez, Earth Wisdom Keeper

Within the traditional indigenous circles and within the native people of the Maya, Tat Erick is called an Aj Q’ij and a KamalBey (spiritual teacher). His entire life has been walking between the worlds, the physical/mental with the spiritual/elemental. And with this lifelong experience, he has become aware of the supernatural beings that hold and co-create cosmic natural elemental forces. In the ceremonies, he has received their blessings and their manifestations, so that it becomes more than a human ceremony experience, but a true dimensional spiritual experience. 

This incredible journey has guided him to create sacred spiritual sanctuaries north of Mt Shasta in Northern CA and Lake Atitlan, Guatemala- places of profound beauty, learning and healing. He is also the Founder and Spiritual Leader of Earth Peoples United, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting people with the natural and spiritual worlds.

With a foundation in oral tradition, Tat Erick shares with a global community via tele-class teachings and lectures at universities, schools, international gatherings and conferences. His wisdom and teachings have also been featured in various documentaries, magazines, journals and books.

Nan Heddi Neale, Earth Wisdom Keeper 

Nan Heddi Neale has been working to support the exchange of Earth Wisdom alongside her husband, Tat Erick Gonzalez, since 1998. Fluent in Spanish, she has traveled throughout the United States, Guatemala, Canada, and Northern Europe to help organize, facilitate, and interpret for various international Councils and ceremonial gatherings with Mayan and other indigenous elders, as well as non-native peoples from all over the world.  In 2005, Nan Heddi received her sacred bundle and spiritual mission as an Ajq’ij in the Mayan tradition. She earned a Masters degree in Creation Spirituality from the University of Creation Spirituality/ Naropa University in 1999. Nan Heddi is also Founder and President of Earth Peoples United. She has also started leading women's ceremonies at EPU's land base of Deer Mountain, north of Mt Shasta in northern California. 

She is also a ceremonial artist, you can view her work at: http://www.redbubble.com/people/heddil