Crystallizing Your Visions


Crystallizing Your Visions


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Do you have a vision you want to crystallize? Learn how to bring a spiritual vision into the physical through the journey through the elementals- the building blocks that make up our physical world, the bridge between Spirit and Matter. As we continue walking into the New Era, the spiritual awakenings are happening more often and messages from Spirit are coming through more and more quickly and clearly. Learn how to take these and bring them into the physical world, so that we can bring the sacred balance back in to the physical as well as the collective consciousness.

"As we learn to stand in the Rukux - our essence, which is also in everything, we are able to crystallize the Light so that we can emanate sacred space. From here we will discover that the Rukux is not just our personal essence, but the essence of the Collective Circle of Life" 
~Tat Erick Gonzalez
Class Schedule:

The House of Enlightenment:  
The Search for Clarity - Desire and yearning.     

As I Stand in the Circle of Life:   
Placement: Where am I? What do I have to work with? What is my relationship with the world? 

As I Walk in the Shining Path: 
Discovery: The Commitment begins

All Must be in Place for  the Movement of Creation:          
Aim: Navigating + staying in the view of Spirit 

Living in Oneness: 
Become your prayer  

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