Mesa/Altar Teaching Series

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Mesa/Altar Teaching Series


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This teaching series based on indigenous wisdom will incorporate sacred geometry, cosmology, and astronomy, and offer you tangible instruction on how to work deeply with the elements and the natural world in order to create a sacred space to anchor your visions and reflect deeply upon your understanding of the cosmos, and the natural and spiritual worlds. Through the mesa, we work with the elementals to connect with the Divine eternal frequency of the universe.  

This teaching series will offer:   

  • Fundamental principals of the Mesa as used in Native spiritual practices.

  • A deeper understanding of the Medicine Wheel and working with the elements and four directions.

  • Step-by-step instruction on how to create and work with your Mesa/Altar. 

Through these teachings and practices, you will have the opportunity to receive powerful spiritual tools that can serve your spiritual renewal and integration.

Class Topics:

  1. Introduction to the Mesa        

  2. East - Fire Element                    

  3. South - Earth Element               

  4. West - Water Element             

  5. North - Air Element                

  6. Above & Below                      

  7. Center & Completion          


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