People Made of Honey series


People Made of Honey series


Becoming People Made Out of Honey

The Mayan prophesies speak about the Golden Era, an opportune time for humanity to evolve into the "People Made of Honey". Earth Wisdom Keeper Erick González offers a message that honors diversity, cultivates collaboration and draws upon ancestral earth wisdom to help us navigate through the New Era that began on December 21, 2012 and beyond. 

Schedule of Teleclasses:

  1. What is the Oxlajuj (13) Baktun (Dec 21, 2012)?

    The Oxlajuj (13) Baktun (Dec 21, 2012) marked a transition of time recorded by the Maya.  It's not just an ending, but a beginning.  Dec 21, 2012 marks a profound and noteworthy transition as we are flowing through time and space, living the everyday experience of our life. 
  2. What are the Original Instructions?

    At the beginning of creation we were given instructions to help us flourish.  These original instructions are the common sense tools needed to sustain harmony and balance with each other, other living beings and the elemental forces.  They remind us how to take care of what's been given to us from generation to generation, and help us navigate during intense times.
  3. Aligning With Love

    When we realize the preciousness of the gift of life, the opportunity to give back and share true Love empowers us to co-create beyond our own need.  Rites of passage help us experience the sanctity of Love and Creation to discover who we are and what we're here for.  Authentic caring moves us to support that which we love to thrive.  What are you going to add to the circle of life? What do you Love?  We must take the journey to remember what we love.
  4. Working Like the Bees

    At different times in our evolution, individual's dedicated themselves to work together for the survival of our relations. What are these times calling for?  Do we know how to hold each other in an unselfish way, as friends, families, communities, societies? In unity we find strength, and in strength we find adaptability.  From our love, how do we activate natural collaborations for a thriving future.
  5. Consciously Creating Our Future 

    Individuals, families, communities and nations are invited to come together and create new covenants to hold humanity through this transition and into the potential of the Golden Era of our future.  Setting clear goals and objectives, making inspiring personal declarations can help us navigate into the future and manifest the world we want to welcome the next generations into.  

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