Shamanic Spiritual Training Teachings


Shamanic Spiritual Training Teachings


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The Shift of the Ages is upon us, and we are being called to prepare to hold sacred space for ourselves, our families, and our world at this time of great changes and challenges. By following our destiny, we can weave a new matrix and become the conscious links between the dimensions that are collapsing in on each other. This Tele-class takes us through the thirteen stages of communicating with, activating, and working with the spiritual and elemental energies so that we can direct and crystallize the needed changes and adaptations for ourselves and our Mother Earth at this time. The teachings offered emphasize how to live all aspects of our life as a ceremony. 

  1. The Realization (Self-Awareness)
  2. The Searching (Exploration)
  3. The Cross-Roads (Decision Making)
  4. The Commitment (Sacred Vows)
  5. The Gathering (Preparing the Sacred Bundle)
  6. The Presentation (Setting up the Mesa)
  7. The Activation (Sacred Intention)
  8. The Holding of Sacred Space (The Living Mesa)
  9. The Sacred Pilgrimage (Spiritual Trade Routes through our Mother Earth)
  10. The Integration (Becoming One with the Bundle of Wisdom)
  11. The Gratitude (Spiritual Generosity)
  12. The Expression (Crystallizing our Visions)
  13. The Harvest (Reaping what you Sow)


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