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Teleclasses are a way to share the sacred teachings in an "oral tradition" style with people all over the world, using technology to transmit ancient wisdom that can be applied to our lives in this day and age. Tata OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez has offered several series of powerful classes that have been recorded and are available as downloadable audio files. He also offers live classes regularly, where participants can connect with each other and ask questions about the teachings.

The 7 Directions Teaching Series


The 7 Directions Teaching Series


The 7 Rays of Light ~
The Seven Directions are the basis of Earth-based spirituality, and unite most traditions in the world. They are the principles of the medicine wheel, the mesa teachings, the prayers with the pipe- they all help us to find our center and our placement in this world that is so quickly changing. Unfortunately this has been lost by the modern world.  In the midst of the unknown, the darkness, we have to find our center and be able to co-create our life, become participants in the shift and change of the Ages. 

This class takes us on a journey to find our mental, emotional, spiritual, and elemental center.  The Seven Directions, or 7 Rays of Light, are the elemental, spiritual powers that we need to be in healthy relationship with.  Through the connection to the directions, we can align ourselves and activate our body, mind, and spirit so that we are attuned to the universe.  We will also share ceremonies that we can do for each other that work with the energies of the directions. 
This class is for beginners and advanced students alike, to deepen our connection with the essential part of almost all ceremonies. 


  1. Jan 29th (5 Kat):  East - Red Road, Mountain of Fire 
  2. Feb 5th (12 B'atz):  South - Yellow Road, Mountain of Earth
  3. Feb 12th (6 Tijax): West - Black Road, Mountain of Water
  4. Feb 19th (13 Kan): North - White Road, Mountain of Air
  5. Feb 26th (7 E): Above - Blue Road, Heart of Heaven
  6. Mar 5th (1 Kawok): Below - Green Road, Heart of Earth
  7. Mar 12th (8 Keme):  Within - Center 

A complimentary introductory teaching for this class is available:
Click here to download the introduction to The Seven Directions

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