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Summer Solstice Mayan Fire Ceremony

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Saturday, June 20th - (5 B'atz)       1 pm - 6 pm 
Aj Chic Jay Ceremonial Arbor
Santa Ynez, CA  (near Santa Barbara, CA) 

Join us as we connect to the energies of the summer solstice - the time of greatest light and least darkness during the solar year. We will be celebrating on the Mayan Calendar day of 5 B'atz -  what are we weaving? What is our unique thread that we have to contribute to the tapestry of life? We will be making offerings for our Mother Earth in Santa Ynez, CA at this ceremonial fireplace in Southern California. 

Followed by a potluck, please bring a prepared dish to share. 
Suggested loving donation: $20 and up to support our Medicine People and cover ceremonial materials. 

We strongly encourage bringing offerings for this unique fire that uses no wood (dried herbs & flowers, sugar, chocolate, honey, candles in the directional colors). Please contact us for more details... 

For more information and directions, contact Kirana at 602.758.1213 or

 Stay for the weekend!

We are offering two options for those that would like to come for the Fire Ceremony and stay overnight in Santa Ynez (contact us for more details)

  1. Participate in the Fire Ceremony and potluck dinner.   Then join us for an evening of Spirit Family storytelling time, an overnight in Santa Ynez, and breakfast.
    Head home by 10 am.  ($60 contribution)
  2. All of the above, plus be part of additional ceremonial offerings on Sunday, June 21st: A special pipe ceremony and a wood fire with offerings, prayers and meditation for the Father energies on Father's Day and Summer Solstice (6 E) to set a good destiny on our paths. Followed by lunch and head home by 4 pm. 
    ($100 contribution)  

For more Information and to Reserve your Space, please Call Kirana at 602.758.1213 or
Reservations will close June 15th...