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Reaching the Full Blossom of our Visions & Intentions Wisdom Keeper Council in Guatemala

Spirit Jaguar and Earth Peoples United are excited to offer:

Reaching the Full Blossom of our Visions & Intentions Wisdom Keeper Council in Guatemala
December 3rd - 12th, 2018

This Wisdom Keeper Council follows one that was held in August, by Earth Peoples United at the Deer Mountain Sanctuary, near Mt Shasta, CA. The intention for this council is to continue strengthening and expanding the alliance of the circle of elders and leaders of nations. For this council we will be connecting to the fireplace of the Maya in Guatemala - the center and heartbeat of Abya Yala (the Americas) that gathered the condor and the eagle to work towards implementing the prophesies of the need for alliances, land, food and medicines. This is a powerful time for Wisdom Keepers to share their visions of beauty and spiritual instructions so that they can crystallize them and bring them into the physical world. Our time in Guatemala will be leading up to the day of Oxlajuj Ajpu - where we will create and experience the diverse bouquet of expressing, blessing, and celebrating the Full Blossom of our individual creativity and visions all working together. 

We will be opening this Council up to an outer circle of people who care for the Earth and the Spirit , with the opportunity to be present, be aware, and learn. We invite you to bring to the circle what has meaning for you in support of Life so that we can strengthen the alliances of creativity for world solutions. 

We also are fundraising to bring many Wisdom Keepers from North, South, and Central America to come together at this council. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation... 

* Mon Dec 3rd (6 Aj): Fly into Guatemala 
* Tues Dec 4th (7 Ix): Travel to Santiago Atitlan to Tiosh Abaj Hotel, welcome lunch, opening ceremonies and introductions from Wisdom Keepers 
* Wed Dec 5th (8 Tz'ikin): Sunrise ceremony at council fire with songs and dances to honor Tz'ikin, breakfast. Wisdom Keeper Council sharing: What are our visions for the future? Lunch. Council continued after lunch. Dinner. 
* Thurs Dec 6th (9 Ajmak): Breakfast at Tiosh, travel to Patziapa Sanctuary by boat. Welcome at maloca and sharing about ancestors. Lunch at maloca kitchen. Walking pilgrimage to see the land and take offering to the ancestors at the pyramid. Return to Tiosh Abaj for dinner. 
* Fri Dec 7th (10 Noj): Mayan Fire Ceremony at Tiosh. Elders wisdom sharing about how to implement the wisdom from what was shared about visions
* Sat Dec 8th (11 Tijax): Sunrise ceremony focusing on cutting away all obstacles, breakfast, trip to San Juan to visit artist cooperatives 
* Sun Dec 9th (12 Kawok): Breakfast, travel by boat to Patziapa, Temescal (sweatlodge) for the Wisdom Keepers, time to be with the waters and medicine plants for everyone. Ceremonial time with the lake. Back for dinner at Tiosh Abaj. 
* Mon Dec 10th (13 Ajpu): After breakfast back to Patziapa to Maloca for Flowering Staff Ceremony and then take prayers to Lake Atitlan for world waters. Back to Tiosh in mid- afternoon for free time (shopping), dinner. 
* Tues Dec 11th (1 Imux): Lakeside sunrise ceremony at Tiosh Abaj, breakfast, closing circle, pack and depart Tiosh Abaj, return to Guatemala City around 3 pm. 
* Wed Dec 12th (2 I'q): Fly out

Patziapa is a living sanctuary offering soul rejuvenation and connection to the ancestors on sacred land in the heart of the Mayan world. Surrounded by three volcanoes and situated on the shores of Lake Atitlan, the fertile land delights the senses and awakens a deep sense of spiritual and elemental connection. 

Information about your Guatemalan Retreat:

Participants will need to fly into Guatemala City on Mon Dec 3rd and depart on Wed Dec 12th, 2018 (Airfare is not included in retreat fee).
Cost: $1950 
Your loving support includes shared hotel rooms in Guatemala City the night of arrival and night before departure, private shuttle to and from Santiago Atitlan, meals, shared rooms at the Tiosh Abaj hotel, teachings, ceremonial materials, boat transportation, and support for the staff and ongoing maintenance of the Patziapa Sanctuary.

We encourage donations and gifts to the Medicine People who will be sharing with us. 

NOT Included in your experience: airfare, shopping expenses, gifts for the elders, tips you may want to offer staff, excursions you choose to take outside the planned group activities.

Special arrangements can be made for people interested in arriving earlier or staying longer at Patziapa... 

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