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Waqxaqui B'atz Wisdom Keeper Council August 21st - 25th, 2018 at the Deer Mountain Sanctuary

Be part of the manifestation of spiritual instructions to gather the elders once again, unify in prayer for our Mother Earth  and empower every effort to bring the wisdom and healing to the world that is needed!

Greetings to You, Our Relatives,

We reach out to you today with an invitation to help manifest gatherings of Wisdom Keepers through Earth Peoples United. A vision to gather the elders has urged us to call forth a series of councils at sacred sites, the first this August at the Deer Mountain Sanctuary in the Siskiyou Mountains of Northern California. This council will be held around Waqxaqui B'atz, the day in the Mayan Calendar of Spiritual Renewal for all life that has come through the matrix. We will be bringing together the staffs of the Elders from various traditions to council and bring forth a unified prayer for our world.

This is a powerful opportunity to weave our human family together, through the threads of energy that flow from our umbilical cords and connect us to all of our past and future generations. It is a time when millions of the Maya are in ceremony at sacred sites- a t Deer Mountain it will be a time for Wisdom Keepers to be in Spirit together, in ceremony and in council with one another, so that they may source guidance and spiritual instructions for the wellness of the people and our world.

We warmly invite you to listen to this personal message from Tat Erick at

At this moment of critical juncture on Earth, we are instructed to come together, to unify in our prayers, to nurture our hope for the natural world and take every action necessary for the protection of our Mother Earth and the generations to come. In this spirit, we invite you to take action to be part of this circle of Earth Peoples United. With your help, we will be documenting this council and sharing out the message from the elders about what is needed at this time.

Support the manifestation of this exceptional and vital gathering by

  • Making (tax deductible) financial contributions in sponsorship of elders councils - Follow this link to donate today: DONATE 
  • Sponsoring an elder
  • Sending physical gifts for the elders and medicines for the fires (send to PO Box 96 Yreka, CA 96097 by August 17th)
  • Adding your prayers and holding this circle with us across the lands and waters
  • Sending your prayers for your community and the world via email for us to hold on the altar when the elders council (send to by Aug 17th)
  • Contributing your time for preparations at Deer Mountain and other sacred sites during these councils
  • Sharing the messages from this council through your circles & networks
  • Joining our team to support ongoing Wisdom Keeper councils!

We extend an invitation for a very limited number of people to join us at Deer Mountain to support this council in whatever ways are needed.

We are planning for the next Wisdom Keeper Council, Reaching the Full Blossom of our Visions & Intentions, at the Patziapa Sanctuary in Guatemala from December 3-12. This is a potent opportunity for those that are training and preparing themselves to be part of the circle. There will be a limited number of spaces for participants at this gathering. 

Please contact us at
to learn more about the process for becoming part of this gathering.