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Esoteric Fire Teachings Webinar Series

In this webinar you will learn sacred ways to understand and be a ceremonial fire keeper. The fire has been used for millions of years in many ways, and its ceremonial uses have been passed on from masters and teachers to their students through the ages. Tat Erick Gonzalez will be sharing these teachings, along with his personal observations of how “ceremonial” fires are kept or performed. He has been trained in the old ways of how to be with the sacred fires where there are many things to consider, to be attentive to, to be precise with, to care for, and to love.

Ceremonial fires are diverse, and many need a specific outcome - such as a bed of coals to receive the cedar medicine for healing and doctoring, to tell stories through the night, or to receive sunrise offerings and to choose a coal to light the pipes. Others may be seeking to properly heat the stones to purify the people in the sweatlodge. And still others, to create universal vortexes for spiritual forces to come through and from, as in the Mayan Fire. Those who have spent the years learning about the sacred fires will come to know the language of the fire, and the relationship that is built through the actions in caring for them.

So now, we journey into the house of the Grandfather Fire.


  • Class #1: The Bundle - A Living Being
    Wed October 23rd(5 Noj) 5:30 pm Pacific

    Tat Erick will share about what it means to hold that which is sacred in your hand, and to take care of it, to understand the infinite and universal power, and to be the conduit to crystallize its power into the physical, through prayer, action, and care. We will reset the mind to understand what the fire truly is, and to allow the flow of its energy to connect through you, the morning star, the love in your heart, and the actions of your life. To hold the bundle of the Fire, is to understand that through ceremonial rights of passage, you have gathered a drop of its essence and absorbed it into you. There we begin to understand the bundle – the spirit of that fire.

  • Class #2: The House of the Fire Star
    Wed October 30th (12 K’at) 5:30 pm Pacific

    This is the place where the physical and the spiritual become one. We see the fire as an elemental flame, but it is a cosmic mirror image of a spiritual being that we have made the conditions right for to manifest itself into our physical realm. And through the years of training, we learn to introduce ourselves, to ask for its blessing and power, and to make offerings to it for what it can give us. One of the universal languages is what the fire can teach you; and for us it becomes an oracle to understand the spiritual instructions. In this house where it can crystallize itself, we learn to dance with its powers, with its illumination, and with its joy. In this house we are trained to be humble, respectful, and to dedicate ourselves for the betterment of the whole. In this house we start to understand that, just like the planets that surround the sun, the fire is at the center of the hearth, of the arbors, and of the peoples. We will begin to explore its sacredness and how to enter this house.

  • Class #3: Door In & Door Out – Tending the Fire
    Wed November 6th (6 B’atz) 5:30 pm Pacific

    Now that we start to understand the journey through this house of the sun, of the fire, we start to learn to conduct ourselves in appropriate ways when we enter, go through the whole journey, and come out the other side. We will learn to have discipline - discipline of our thoughts, our emotions, our desires, our conflicts. As we tend and care for the sacred fire, we will start to use one of our other elemental bodies, and to always respect the power of the fire, for it will teach us reverence. Though the years, fire keepers are chiseled like a powerful sword that has to be shaped and molded, and that is our school of earth wisdom. So if you have chosen a good teacher, you will be a good strong sword. There is a whole way of being beyond your personal needs while focusing in your prayer, while learning to dance with the fire, and understanding the outcome that you want from that dance. So, we must be as delicate as we are in caring for a baby, and then when its fury goes beyond your control, learn to submit to its power. For it will test you - your endurance, your intelligence, your respect to it, and it will see and know if you are really learning the life skills of a ceremonial firekeeper.

  • Class #4: The Prayer & Gifts Back to the Flame of Life
    Wed November 13th (13 Tijax) 5:30 pm Pacific

    So we continue our journey, and it is all a prayer - the conversation with the sacred, and you will have many conversations. It will know all of your requests; it will see through all of you, and it will know how to test you and teach you. So the prayer to begin your dance is like a request to a beautiful woman to dance with you - she can refuse you or ignore you, but if she accepts you, you could have a dance for life. So as we make our request, we are making an offering of our love to it. And for some, it is a commitment for life; it is a love affair. Each fire is different and it will teach you another era, another aspect of yourself. And in that love affair you will know how to care for it and the gifts that you will give back to it. For you start to understand how precious it is, the great honor it is to serve it.

  • Class #5: Carrying the Fire Alive – Living in the Heart
    Wed November 20th (7 Kan) 5:30 pm

    So we get tricked, thinking fire keeping is only working with the physical fire to do a certain task; but through the traditional ways of the Schools of the Earth Wisdom, you start to become the living prayer and a spiritual reflection of its beauty and power. So you walk life as a great warrior that does not need to battle anymore. The power lives within you, and you dedicate your life to it. We will share examples of those lives, and you will see a reflection of yourself there. For many eras, it was the chosen special beings who cared for the fire, for its power was carried within. As one of those beings, you can crystallize it any way, shape or form. So you are the fire, and the fire is you

Cost: $95
Inquire about special youth pricing if you're between the ages of 13 - 26.

Classes will be recorded and available as downloadable files if you are unable to attend the live classes. There is always the option with each class to call in instead of using the computer.

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