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"Embracing the Path of the Medicines" Ceremonial Retreat at the Patziapa Sanctuary - Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

In this time of intensity and great changes all around us and within us, we are offering this opportunity to dive deep into personal healing work to release what is no longer needed and deeply nourish our body, mind, and spirit. Through sacred teachings, connecting with the plant allies, and working with the elements, we find guidance, joy, and wellness in our lives.

The Patziapa Sanctuary on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is a powerful ancestral and elemental site that supports transformational work and evokes inner peace through its incredible beauty and abundant medicine plants.

We will be working in the sacred geometries of the maloca (roundhouse), temescal (Mayan sweatlodge), ancestral altars of the ancient pyramid, and the land and lake itself that vibrate with the energetics of the volcanoes. This retreat takes us through the full empowerment of the energies of 13 Kat, the Web of Life, and on 1 Kan, through a good connection to the web of life, we can use the energy properly and become the Feathered Serpent - the unification of opposites. We will also welcome the light of the Full Moon over Lake Atitlan during the retreat, bringing balance of the masculine (sun) and feminine (moon).


  • Fri Dec 6th (10 Imux) - Arrive in Santiago Atitlan by noon, lunch at Tiosh Abaj and boat ride to Patziapa. Opening circle, dinner.

  • Sat Dec 7th (11 I’q) - Breakfast, teachings, limpias and personal healing work with plants, dinner, circle sharing.

  • Sun Dec 8th (12 Akabal) - Sunrise ceremony, teachings, harvest plants for use in the herbal baths in temescal (sweatlodge), late afternoon temescal ceremony, dinner.

  • Mon Dec 9th (13 Kat) - Breakfast, set up mesas/altars, lunch, teachings/working with medicine altars, dinner, night prayer vigil to work with the medicines & the fire.

  • Tues Dec 10th (1 Kan) – Rest and integration, sharing circle.

  • Wed Dec 11th (2 Keme) - Breakfast, circle time. Working with the medicine plants through harvesting and preparing. Early dinner, Full Moon ceremony.

  • Thurs Dec 12th (3 Kiej) – Teachings, harvest plants for use in the herbal baths in temescal (sweatlodge), temescal ceremony, dinner

  • Fri Dec 13th (4 Q’anil) – Sunrise Mayan Fire Ceremony on the pyramid to make offerings to the ancestors, the Mother Earth, and ourselves. Brunch and personal time to integrate. Afternoon closing circle time, dinner.

  • Sat Dec 14th (5 Toj) – Sunrise ceremony to make offerings for our life, breakfast, pack and depart Patziapa at noon back to Tiosh Abaj.

Information about your Guatemalan Retreat :

You will need to arrive at the Tiosh Abaj Hotel in Santiago Atitlan at noon on Friday Dec 6th and will need to depart by 3 pm on Saturday Dec 14th. (If you would like to stay longer please contact us for arrangements).

We will be staying at the Patziapa Sanctuary in shared rooms at the edge of beautiful, sacred Lake Atitlan, a short boat ride across the lake.

Loving Offering: $1675 per person.

Includes accommodations, meals, boat transportation, ceremonial materials, teachings, and support of the ongoing upkeep of the sanctuary. We also encourage donations to the Medicine People who will be sharing with us.

NOT Included in your experience: airfare, shopping expenses, gifts for elders, tips you may want to offer staff, excursions you choose to take outside the planned group activities.

For more information, please email Heddi at