In the week of 1 Keme (Wed May 30th) the initiation begins in the death/transformation process.  The Lords of the Underworld (or Xibalba), the Kemes, decide it is their turn now, their turn to initiate the cycle that will complete in 13 Tijax, the full potential of the obsidian blade (Mon June 11th). The potential of this in the dark, the negative, is to cut it all up, cut it all apart and destroy it.  But the 1 Keme asks what is it that is going to be transformed? So the shaman now, or the spiritual being in this week, is going to experience in the Ballgame of Life that now the Lords of the Underworld have the opportunity to decide what is going to be the destiny. It is going to challenge us all in the middle of this week, 7 E (Tues June 5th), to ask what is the destiny that we want? What is it that we are playing this game of life and death for? This decides what goes on and what doesn’t for the future ancestors. So the completion of the bundle, on 8 Aj (Wed June 6th), becomes real now. This bundle is real, now it is complete. And it takes us through the birthing through what is sacred, 9 Ix (Thurs June 7th), to get to 13 Tijax (Mon June 11th).

Now we can communicate.  We can communicate what we are letting go of, what is not serving us anymore, what is in the place of the underworld. Now we decide our destiny: do we want to continue the wars, do we want to continue the suffering, or do we want to communicate an alternative? So the Tijax, obsidian blade, becomes that power to cut it away, or protect that from continuing to happen. We declare that Keme cannot have this world, have our soul, cannot have our destiny. Are we going to allow Keme the opportunity to cut it all away, or are we to emerge with the complete bundle, the connection to the nahual,  the ally, the decision of what is proper for us to continue to carry from our ancestors, and what are we going to share with the seventh generation that follows us? And so in this week this is the sacred initiation that is happening.