A divination lasts one hour, and can be done in person or over the phone. In our tradition, 4 gifts are given to our medicine people for ceremonies and divinations. By offering these gifts we connect with our hearts and the love that is being shared between us in ceremony. We extend out something of value in recognition of what we hope to receive. In this way we stay in good relations with all life, giving and receiving.
1. Something from the plant kingdom
2. Something from the mineral kingdom
3. Something from the animal kingdom
4. Something that nurtures and helps care for the medicine person's family (a financial offering may count as this gift, or you may want to give something in addition)

Divinations are $125, which can be sent through PayPal if you want to do that ahead of time, or you can bring cash with your gifts.   

Your chosen gifts are an intricate part of your experience, as they carry the healing and energy of what you are bringing and calling forth...what is your intention? A beautiful presentation adds to the offering of your gifts. The gifts that are gathered from around the world are often used in ceremony or offered to elders and other ceremonial people during his/her travels. If you are looking for suggestions on what to give for gifts, some useful items that are very appreciated are pillar candles, smudge sticks, essential oils, tinctures, teas, baskets, crystals, charcoals for burning incense, plants, and seeds (especially medicinal or heirloom).
We will also need to get people's birthdate, time, and place so we can prepare a chart for their divination.  If you are doing a session over the phone, we recommend you set up an altar to connect with at the time of your session. 

For more questions, please contact Heddi at HeddiL@gmail.com or call 530.459.3471