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Ceremonies & Sanctuary Service at Deer Mountain (north of Mt Shasta, CA)

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Thurs May 28th: 8 Q'anil Mayan Fire Ceremony- Bless the Seeds
8 Q'anil is the day that the Maya celebrate big ceremonies to bless all their seeds -  in which they bring the bundles of the seeds that are going to be planted the next season. The energy of the fires and the prayers encodes the seeds so that they can have a good harvest. We will offer a Mayan Fire Ceremony to bless the seed bundles- the bundles for the future harvest. These can be seeds of all kinds - not only the physical seeds! 
9 am - 5 pm  
Suggested donation: $50 

Walking with Medicine Staffs Ceremonial Retreat  :  June 1st - 3rd

  • Mon June 1st  ~ 12 E:     Fire-keeping teachings and sweatlodge ceremony
  • Tues June 2nd ~ 13 Aj:   Flowering Staff ceremony & Full Moon Blessing
  • Wed June 3rd ~  1 Ix:   Ceremonial Pilgrimage

On 12 E we will be doing fire-keeping teachings, preparing the lodge, and doing a sweatlodge ceremony to help us have perseverance and endurance on our paths, so that we can reach our full potentials the following day. 13 Aj is the day of the Mayan Calendar where we plant the full potential of the staffs of our intention to manifest and to crystallize the thought forms that we want to create into the earth. This day also falls on a full moon! We will be ceremonially creating flowering staffs to help us reach the full blossom of our potentials by using the medicines of the flowers to cleanse, heal, and inspire us. It is time to pierce the earth with the staffs and drop the seeds- the time that we decide that this is what we are going to do, and we ground that intention to fulfill it.  The following day on 1 Ix we will take a pilgrimage to leave our staff as an offering to a sacred site of the Mother Earth.
Fee: $395
Participants need to arrive at Deer Mt on Sunday between 2-4 pm or Monday by 9 am to be taken up the mountain to Bear Paw Meadow. We will bring people back down the hill at 4 pm on Wednesday.  You will need to bring your own camping gear (tent, mat, sleeping bag, flashlight, etc), flowers, and food to contribute to communal meals. 
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Sanctuary Service:  Fri May 22nd - Sun May 31st
Come connect to the land and each other by working in the gardens, cutting wood, and other projects that will be needed to care for the land and prepare for the ceremonies... Please bring food for your time here, camping equipment to stay at Bear Paw Meadow, and gloves or other tools that would be useful! 

Click HERE to learn more about Deer Mountain, the land center of Earth Peoples United, located an hour north of Mt Shasta and 45 min south of Ashland, OR