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"Harmonizing with the Universal Biorhythm ~ Living into the Mayan Calendar" Ceremonial Retreat at Patziapa

October 9 - 19, 2014 (all-inclusive)
October 11 - 17 (retreat time at Patziapa only) 

This retreat will focus on the Earth Wisdom teachings of Mayan cosmology and the ceremonial principles of the Mayan Calendar. Contrary to the hype of 2012 the Mayan Calendar did not end, but is a living time-keeping wisdom that guides and influences the destiny of all life in our physical and spiritual dimensions. It is used as a guide for ceremonies, healing, divination and for harmonizing ourselves with the universe and our own natural biorhythm.  

As we continue to evolve inside of this New Era and shed our old ways and beliefs, these teachings can help guide us to understand the various pulsations of divinity within which all life forms are evolving. They can also support us to attune ourselves to our unique pattern and connect with the Nahuales (spiritual forces) that guide, protect and influence us and we can begin to understand the greater cosmic energies that we are in relationship with.
This retreat will take us into the 13 day week of 1 Ajpu- the creation story of the Maya and the journey of the hero twins as they set the destiny for humankind...   In addition to many teaching sessions on the Mayan Calendar and cosmology, we will connect to this special time through temescal ceremonies (Mayan sweatlodge), Mayan Fire Ceremonies, a pilrimage to a sacred site around Lake Atitlan and time in the gardens at the living sanctuary of Patziapa. 

Patziapa is a private sanctuary offering soul rejuvenation and connection to the ancestors on sacred land in the heart of the Mayan world. Surrounded by three volcanoes and situated on the shores of Lake Atitlan, the fertile land delights the senses and awakens a deep sense of spiritual and elemental connection.  

Information about your Guatemalan Retreat:
We are offering two options for this trip. Both options include meals and lodging at Patziapa, teachings, ceremonial materials, boat transportation, pilgrimage to a sacred site around the lake, and support for the staff and ongoing maintenance of the Patziapa Sanctuary.
Option #1: Make your own arrangements to be at the Tiosh Abaj Hotel in Santiago at Lake Atitlan on Sat Oct 11th at 9 am, and your own departure from the Tiosh Abaj Hotel on Fri Oct 17th between 2-4 pm in Santiago Atitlan. 
Cost:  $1750 
Option #2:  All-inclusive arrangements from the time you arrive in Guatemala City to the time you leave (flying into Guatemala City on Thurs Oct 9th and depart on Sun Oct 19th): shuttle to hotel in Guatemala City, hotel in Guatemala City the night of arrival, private collective shuttle to Santiago Atitlan from Guatemala City on Fri Oct 10th, private collective shuttle from Santiago to Antigua on Sat Oct 18th, hotel room in Antigua, shuttle to Guatemala City, major meals while traveling.  
Cost:  $2250
We encourage donations to the Medicine People who will be sharing with us. 
NOT Included in your experience: airfare, shopping expenses, gifts for the elders, tips you may want to offer staff, excursions you choose to take outside the planned group activities.
For more information, contact Erick at 530.459.3471 or 
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