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Lo'qoluj Ix Tut (The Sacred Pipe) 5-part Teleclass Series

Lo'qoluj Ix Tut  (The Sacred Pipe) 
5-part Teleclass Series
Wednesdays 5:30 - 7 pm PST,  February 8th - March 8th

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In these sacred teachings following the format of our oral traditions, we will go into the depth of understanding of what the pipe is and its usage. We are venturing into the wisdom of the Original Instructions given to all Peoples. The pipe was  known from pre-Columbian times from the Algonquin tribes of southern Canada to the Araucanian people of Chile. 

These teachings are being offered  due to many requests to understand, and our observations of misunderstandings of the usage of our sacred ceremonies. This Teleclass series is to help, support, and guide our relatives who either are using the pipes without proper instructions or  knowledge, and for those that continue to be part of the sacred  ways to consider some of the knowledge we are sharing for their  use in their lives. 

  1. The soul/spirit companion of a hu-man (spirit in physical) -  February 8th
    In human history there has always been that one that is set apart from the many, that through hardships and suffering a connection was created to see beyond the physical. And those beings developed allies (nahuales)- supernatural, spiritual, and elemental forces that become the soul companions of those who carry and keep the sacred connection. To them, the spiritual allies are channeled through special tools. One is what we know as the pipe. 
  2. A soul covenant -   February 15th
    In gratitude of the recognition of a relationship with the supernatural, spiritual and elemental forces, a gift is developed through the release of suffering, allowing the development of wisdom.  The pipe becomes a form of faith, devotion, and prayer - a tool that encompasses the elementals. And through the elementals we connect to the life force of the universe. To express gratitude, an ancient inheritance is given to us as a way of prayer.  An alliance is created with the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms to bring the elementals into being-ness. 
  3. A universal and spiritual link -  February 22nd
    All inanimate forms that are created have a substance that communicate when activated or a relationship is created. All animated forms communicate with each other, such as plants, animals, and humans.  Through the pipe, a permanent link is created with Spirit for the service to Life.
  4. A soul commitment to Spirit and a TOJ (service/dedication to Life) -  March 1st
    In the spiritual awareness of a hu-man gifted with visions and instructions, the preparations begin to gift back for the wellness of "All My Relations." In the journey of a person gifted with life - an expression of gratitude is transformed into the special gifts of the "medicine people." So they begin to manifest Spirit through what we know as ceremony and prayer, and a lifelong commitment is made to carry the sacred through the IxTut. 
  5. An essence of elemental forces to channel spiritual being-ness   -  March 8th
    The shape and form of the IxTut is designed to connect the different physical kingdoms  and the elemental forces to create a channel for "spiritual and cosmic communication."  The ritual of the pipe becomes an ally to help us focus and align to Spirit.   

All classes will be shared live with the opportunity for questions, and will be recorded and sent as downloadable audio files.

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**Note: If our efforts to share and make our world better do not fit with you and you want to create conflict and opposition, we are not interested in your communication.