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Spring Equinox/Waqxaqui B'atz Retreat in Santa Ynez, CA

Spring Equinox/Waqxaqui B'atz Retreat in Santa Ynez, CA
March 17- 21: 

The day of Waqxaqui (8) B'atz in the Mayan Calendar is celebrated by millions of the Maya throughout Guatemala and Central America as the day of Spiritual Renewal for all life that has come through the matrix, when another 260-day (9 month) cycle of Life is completed (this day is often referred to as the "Mayan New Year"). It is a beautiful alignment to have this happen at the time of the Spring Equinox this year!   

  • Fri 3/17 (4 Kiej):  Arrive, welcome, dinner  
  • Sat 3/18 (5 Q'anil): Community Fire Ceremony
  • Sun 3/19 (6 Toj): Set mesas, teachings, all-night ceremony
  • Mon 3/20 (7 T'zi & Spring Equinox): Sunrise ceremony, rest & integration, women lead offering of atol & cacao
  • Tues 3/21 (8 B'atz): Morning Mayan Fire Ceremony, lunch, pack & depart 

Loving offering: $475 includes food, camp-style lodging, ceremonial materials, teachings

contact Kirana at for more info or to register