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Solidarity in Prayer

This is a call to prayer: we invite people to gather for worldwide collaborations and ceremonies to be done simultaneously for unity and preservation of Life on the days Belejeb B'atz (Sunday April 30th) and Jun Ajmak (Friday May 5th):

... just as in the cosmic and planetary cycles of life, the Belejeb B'atz marks the cycle of the weaving of the DNA structure of Life (not just humans). We as spiritual leaders of the Maya are asked to care for the timekeeping and recognition of these cycles. So we prepare spiritually to weave the connection of elemental, spiritual and supernatural forces with us the hu-mans, so that the weaving creates sustainable, balanced, respectful and beautiful life. As we witness today, when that connection is not maintained, we become dysfunctional and destructive. Then we see that in these cycles of life, the Jun Ajmak Daylord becomes another important time for our children to connect through the web of life with ceremony and participation in the ascension of the hu-man.  (Click here to learn more about these energies...)

If you are interested in creating something in your area with your community, please contact Heddi at to see how we can unite and collaborate!

We are also gratefully accepting offerings and gifts to bring for the fires & elders, as well as donations to support elders and community leaders to attend these ceremonies...

Contact Heddi at for more information on sending offerings...