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Council to Strengthen our Alliances & Sustain the Spiritual Essence of Earth Peoples

This is a call to Earth Peoples and Light Beings to again strike the Council Fires for the next generation of the People Made of Honey, to strengthen our alliances and sustain our spiritual essence, calling forth the Light against the dark foes of Earth. As it was prophesied, we are witnessing the crumbling of the social, economic, political, and religious structures, but what is still alive, vibrant, and unchanging are the Original Instructions which tell us to unite, collaborate, and to keep the fire alive.

We will be holding ceremonies at the ancestral lands of the Patziapa Sanctuary on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala on the Mayan Calendar days of Belejeb (9) B'atz and Jun (1) Ajmak - days when the Maya come together to do ceremonies honoring the women (the birthers of the genetic code, the strands of Life) and pray for and bless the children, our future generations. (Click here to learn more about the energies of the Mayan Calendar we will be working with).

This Council is an open invitation to unify the clans and families, with no agenda, to make prayers, create and strengthen alliances, create agreements, and crystallize our visions. AS YOU WISH ~ our future will be created by our agreements. Our Mother Earth and our relatives need those of spiritual awareness, care, and love to unite and create world solutions, bringing the strength that comes from unity. We will ask each person to bring a staff 20" tall, no more than 1" thick. Through the ceremonies we will weave these staffs together in bundles of 13 and place these prayers at the sacred maloca of Patziapa and the heart of Chuitinamit, the ancient city of the Tzutujil Maya. Belejeb B'atz is to unify the clans and families. It is imperative that our unification is strong and lasting for our future generations. 

There are three ways to physically participate in this Council:

  1. Sign up for the full retreat (see below for more info) where we will be coordinating your journey from your arrival in Guatemala City until you depart (with arrival and departure dates as listed)
  2. Show up at Tiosh Abaj Hotel in Santiago Atitlan on Friday April 28th by 1 pm and stay until the morning of Saturday May 6th (see below) 
  3. Find your own way to and from Patziapa at the arranged times on the days of Belejeb B'atz and Jun Ajmak 

The full Council retreat will offer Tuj/Temescal (Mayan Sweatlodge) ceremony, working with our bundles, Beauty Way ceremony, & working with the gardens and medicine plants in addition to the Mayan Fire Ceremonies on Belejeb B'atz and Jun Ajmak.

Patziapa is a living sanctuary offering soul rejuvenation and connection to the ancestors on sacred land in the heart of the Mayan world. Surrounded by three volcanoes and situated on the shored of Lake Atitlan, the fertile land delights the senses and awakens a deep sense of spiritual and elemental connection.   

Information about your Guatemalan Retreat 
Participants will need to fly into Guatemala City on Thurs April 27th and depart on Sunday May 7th (Airfare is not included in retreat fee). 

We are offering two options for this trip. Both options include meals and lodging at Patziapa and/or Tiosh Abaj Hotel, teachings, ceremonial materials, boat transportation, and support for the staff and ongoing maintenance of the Patziapa Sanctuary. 

  1. Option #1: All-inclusive arrangements from the time you arrive in Guatemala City to the time you leave (flying into Guatemala City on Thurs April 27th and depart on Sun May 7th): shuttle to hotel in Guatemala City, hotel in Guatemala City the night of arrival, private collective shuttle to Santiago Atitlan from Guatemala City on Fri April 28th, private collective shuttle from Santiago to Antigua on Sat May 6th, hotel room in Antigua, shuttle to Guatemala City, major meals while traveling. 
    Cost: $1950
  2. Option #2 : Make your own arrangements to be at the Tiosh Abaj Hotel in Santiago at Lake Atitlan on  Friday April 28th by 1 pm , and your own departure from the Tiosh Abaj Hotel on the morning of  Saturday May 6th
    Cost: $1675 

We encourage donations and gifts to the Medicine People who will be sharing with us. 
NOT Included in your experience: airfare, shopping expenses, gifts for the elders, tips you may want to offer staff, excursions you choose to take outside the planned group activities. 

Special arrangements can be made for people interested in arriving earlier or staying longer at Patziapa... 

For more information, contact    REGISTER HERE