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Personal sessions, teachings, and sacred ceremony in the Carbondale, Illinois area

We have limited personal sessions with Tata Erick so please reserve in advance if you are interested in one. Sessions vary from person to person and can be used for physical healing, spiritual guidance, astrological counseling or ceremonial support. More details on personal sessions are below. Please contact to schedule.


Thursday September 26th (4 T'zi - Mayan Calendar day of the Clan & community)

* 9 am - noon: Personal sessions

* 2 pm - 5 pm: Personal sessions

Friday September 27th (5 B'atz - Mayan Calendar day of the thread and weaving things together)

* 9 am - noon: Personal sessions

* 2 pm - 5 pm: Personal sessions

* 7-9:30 pm: Evening teachings: "Becoming the People Made of Honey in the New Era"

Tata Erick will share about the energetic shift of the new cycle that officially began on December 21, 2012 that prophesies say is a Golden Era where we can become People Made of Honey with higher consciousness. What can we do to align ourselves with these energies and help make the shifts that are needed at this time to leave a better inheritance for the future generations? We will be sharing about the Wisdom Keeper Councils of Earth Peoples United and what has come from them. By donation for Earth Peoples United. Register here

Saturday September 28th (6 E - Mayan calendar day of the path/destiny and the directions)

* 10 am to 5 pm, Hands On Practicum: Elemental Healing

This full-day practicum will guide participants through a deep investigation of their natural ability to heal themselves in partnership with the Mother Earth. Specific guidance will be given as to how to work with the elements of fire, water, earth and air in order to heal the body, mind and spirit. No previous training is necessary. If you have experience in various healing modalities, this practicum may open new doors of understanding yourself and your practice.

$125 Register here

Sunday September 4th (7 Aj - Mayan Calendar day of the staff, bundles & family)

*10 am - 4 pm: Community Mayan Fire Ceremony

Join us in a collective prayer in the Mayan tradition of creating a Stargate Fire to give gratitude, request healing, and make offerings for our Mother Earth. This is the day in the Mayan Calendar of Wuku (7) Aj, a day of bringing balance with family, the community working together like the bees, the staffs, the bundles.

The Mayan Fire Ceremony is a way used by trained Mayan Aj Q'ij (daykeepers/ spiritual leaders) of creating a vortex of energy that can be used as a portal into the Spirit world, where we can receive healings and offer prayers. The Mayan fire ceremonies do not use any wood. With prayers, a mandala is created out of dried herbs, candles, and other natural materials, as well as incenses that are grown or collected by the traditional Maya in Guatemala and are prepared in a sacred way for these fire ceremonies.

Participants are encouraged to bring offerings such as medicine plants and incenses (sage, cedar, sweetgrass, tobacco, resins, etc.), flowers, candles, honey, cornmeal or other natural items you feel called to bring to offer to this special Fire Ceremony. All offerings are an important part of this special Ceremony we will create together.

The Mayan Aj Q'ij uses their knowledge of the matrix of life to coordinate their prayers and offerings to work with the energies present in that moment in time. They are trained to read the fire and gain wisdom for healing and answers to prayers. The more offerings that can be given for the fire brings more blessings for ourselves, our families, the earth, and all our relations. Suggested loving donation: $25 and up to support our Medicine People and cover ceremonial materials. Followed by a potluck, please bring a prepared dish to share.

For locations, questions, or to sign up, please contact Marsha at 618-559-0787 or

We need a minimum of ten people to register for each offering to make it

possible for Tata Erick to travel to Illinois, so please secure your space by registering or contacting Marsha...

Feel free to share this information help spread the word to those who would be touched to share in this experience.