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Portland Ceremonies with Tata Erick Sept 7th and 8th, 2019

Join Earth People's United Spiritual Leader Tat Erick Gonzalez for a Flowering Staff Ceremony
Saturday, September 7th 1-5 pm
11 B'atz - Mayan day of Weaving
Private home on Sauvie Island, space is limited. (Please RSVP to for directions)

With this Flowering Staff Ceremony, we ask Spirit and the elementals to help us to reach the Full Blossom of our potentials! Together we create a flowering staff, with each person choosing flowers to hold their prayers, and weaving them together as a unified whole. In joining our collective prayers and energies with the medicines of the flowers (color therapy, aromatherapy, flower essences, etc), we are given the opportunity to cleanse, heal, and to be blessed and inspired with beauty.
~ This a very profound and energetically powerful ceremony. ~

- Please bring a bouquet of fresh flowers to contribute to the ceremony...
- Loving donation of $20 to generously support our medicine people.

We are invited to continue weaving our energies together through a beautiful meal of shared foods, following the ceremony. Please bring a prepared Potluck dish to share, with serving utensils.

Prayers for the Earth and Circling for Life!

Peace Mandala Prayer with Earth Peoples United
Sunday September 8th 2-4 pm

12 E - This day in the Mayan calendar is about persevering on our paths/destinies so that we can thrive. We can become like the the bees in the hive, working together in collaboration, bringing forth the sweetness of the honey.

We will gather together with Tat Erick Gonzalez in a collective prayer for our Mother Earth. Together we will create a mandala out of natural materials as the offering for our prayers - [The Amazon and the Artic need our prayers!] By connecting our hearts, minds, and intentions with each other, we can amplify our prayers for our Mother Earth, All Our Relations, and our future generations.

Now more than ever we need to come into harmony with both our inner and outer landscapes so that we can affect positive change in our changing world.✨

Please bring your families and natural materials (flowers, pine cones, fruits, etc) to add to the mandala and take your place in the circle for Life.

Mt Tabor Park
6220 SE Salmon St, Portland, OR 97215
Meet above the lower reservoir near the giant sequoia tree- We recommend parking near the park’s main entrance off of Lincoln for easy access to where we will be meeting. Then follow the posted signs to our meeting place.

We are also offering private sessions with Tat Erick on Sunday Sept 8th. for more information.

Please contact to RSVP to these events or schedule a divination.

~Blessings to All!~